FSA  FSA (3-5)

    This website is the resource for questions about the Florida Standards Assessments.  The Florida State Board of Education approved the Florida Standards for ELA (English Language Arts) and Math in 2014 and fully implemented in the 2014-15 school year for grades K-12.  All Florida schools teach these standards.  This website has helpful information about the testing including a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page (to get to this page click on the Students and Families button).  Some topics in the FAQ are:  How long are the assessments? Can students practice for the test?




    The following FSA Practice Tests are now available on the FSA Portal:


    Grades 4–5 Writing. You can access Practice Test materials, including the Writing Rubrics, Answer Keys, and Paper-Based Practice.


    While Grades 4–7 Writing are still administered on paper, CBT Practice Tests are available for these students.


    Tests, here: http://www.fsassessments.org/students-and-families/training-tests/ 


    FSE  ELA  Florida Standards

    This is an online resource that looks at the specific standards of what students are learning in the various grades. 




    Renaissance Home Connect


    Website: https://hosted257.renlearn.com/72115/HomeConnect

    1. See your child's progress with AR - Accelerated Reader by viewing the scores for the tests your child has taken on the computer.
    2. Click Email Setup to sign up to receive emails showing your student's quiz or test results.
    3. Click Help to get answers to your questions about Renaissance Home Connect. 
    4. User name: Student ID --(Enter your child's student ID which is the "lunch number")
    5. Password: Student's Date of Birth—(Enter: 2 digit month and 4 digit year)


    ar bookfinder  

    Website: http://www.renaissance.com/Products/Accelerated-Reader-Book-Finder

    1. See whether a book from home or the public library is an "AR book."
    2. Search all of the AR books by title, author, subject, or reading level.


    Where can I find AR books?

    1. Marion County School Library Book Search
    2. Public Library Book Search




    Wonders’ ConnectED online program directly correlates to the district adopted English Language Arts reading curriculum.  Students have the ability to access online reading text and instructional learning materials including online practice activities, vocabulary resources, and writing.


    Students can access the program through their student desktop




    Kidbiz3000 is differentiated online reading and writing program tailored to each student’s Lexile level.  Students take an initial assessment, LevelSet, to determine their reading level.  Each day the program provides students an article to read or students can search a variety of topics to choose their own reading article.  At the end of the month, the program automatically adjusts the student’s content based on their response to the comprehension questions.


    Students in grades 2-5 can access KidBiz on their student portal.


    voyager ticket to read

    Ticket to Read

    Madison Street Academy has purchased Ticket to Read to assist our kindergarten and first grade students with the development of phonics, phonemic awareness, and fluency skills.  The program has high-interest reading passages and games to help student’s motivation.  Student progress through systematic instruction tailored to their level.


    Students can log in to Ticket to Read on their student portal.


    The Florida Department of Education unveiled a new website that will help Florida families make critical education decisions by enabling them to access school and district-level data and will better inform families about the state's college and career ready standards by subject area and grade. It also refers to the quality of learning taking place in their students' classrooms.

    The website is live at www.floridastudentsachieve.org