• What are the Covid-19 procedures for your class?

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    The MCPS Covid-19 Policies are followed:  Masks required, Frequent hand-washing at our sinks, Supplies including the textbook are NOT shared, students must stay 6 feet apart when standing.  Due to class size and limited space, social distancing at lab tables is not possible.  Protective dividers between at each lab table provide an extra barrier against spreading the highly contagious CoVid 19 Virus.  It is imperative that students wear their masks at all times: when they are seated at their assigned lab table and when they stand to sharpen a pencil.   If students finish class early, they are NOT to crowd at the exit door.  There are stickers for standing six feet apart on the floor.

    Verbal reminders will be issued for the first few weeks as we learn this new type of classroom procedure.  After a few weeks, I will send students to the discipline office for violating safety procedures.  Please remember that our classroom must be a safe place to learn for ALL students.

    Parent Note:  The following items on the supply list will help our class follow these policies:  1 pkg tissue, 1 container sanitary wipes, 1 hand soap, 1 hand sanitizer.  Each student should keep their sanitary supplies to use in all classes throughout the day (although, we have sinks so they can store their hand soap here).  Students will also need a refillable water bottle since they are only allowed to refill bottles at the water fountains. 

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  • What is your Rest Room policy?

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    How much time 

    School Policy:  Students must not leave the class during the first ten minutes, nor the last ten minutes of the class period (safety concerns).

                          Students must get permission from instructor, sign out USING THEIR OWN PEN with the date & time left, sign in with time returned   

                          (safety concerns).

                          After six minutes of absence, students are considered to be skipping (safety concerns).

                          Only one student may leave the classroom at a time (safety concerns).

    Class Policy:   Students are not to ask during direct instruction (lecture).   During independent learning and individual instruction by teacher is the                               perfect time to ask.  If a student is leaving the class excessively I will notice and I will ask for a Doctor's note.  Please provide a Doctor's 

                         note if your student will need to use the restroom more than once during a class period.  Thank you.

    Parent note:   Students may go to the restroom before and after school, inbetween classes, during lunch and have six opportunities during the six class periods.  If they are late to class a tardy will be given, students have three "free" tardies per class per semester.

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  • Are cell phones allowed in our class?

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    Class Policy:

    No cell phones out ever, not at the beginning of class, not at the end of class

    Cell phones are stored in book bag, book bag is placed at designated location at the beginning of every class.
    No earbuds, headphones, or wires hanging from your ears
    Hoods off your head
    No sleeping or head down
    Sit in assigned seat during direct instruction
    Use the provided pass card to leave this room


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  • Is there extra credit available?

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    Yes, on every assignment!  If your work is outstanding I will add an extra point or two when I post your grade. 

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  • Is there a regular system to the homework?

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    Yes!  Homework is any assignments not completed in class each day.  Students receive a Learning checklist for each unit chapter that lists all assignments by unit, chapter, and lesson.  It includes individual assignments, quizzes, tests and online assignments.   If the day's assignments are not finished then the student has homework that night.

    We complete a lesson each block day and end with a quiz, sometimes the quiz will be the exit ticket or if we ran out of time it will be the bell ringer for the next class.  We complete a chapter about every 7 school days...so we go through the content very fast.  The reason for this is to leave two weeks at the end of school for preparing for the biology EOCE.


    Note: Honors biology students have a research project for each unit to be completed at home


    Parents: If your student seems to have an excessive amount of biology homework, this is because he/she is off-task during class.

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  • May I eat in your classroom?

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  • I was absent during a Virtual lab, what should I do?

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    There are several options for absent students to complete missed work:

    1.  Each student has a learning checklist for the chapter. When you are absent, continue completing the tasks on the learning checklist. 

    2.  Check on your Microsoft Teams Class account and the eText Account for assignments.

    3.  If you missed a quiz or test you will take it in class when you return.  Please notify me 

        so I can make it available to you.

    4. Skyward and eText assignments are available for a week so complete them at home when you are absent. The Lab is probably still open for you unless you did not do it for six days and then are absent.  In this case you will receive a zero. 


    Note:  I follow MCPS absentee policy for missed work.  You have 2 days for each day absent in order to earn full credit.  After 7 days from absence I will not grade your work.  In-between is worth one-half credit.  This includes quizzes and tests, so don't delay.

    If you need a Skyward online assignment re-opened for you, send me the assignment name and the date assigned.  I will reopen Skyward assignments for students during the week window of time. 


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  • Why do I have a "U" posted for my citizenship/conduct grade?

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    The misbehavior indicated in (see"Why do I have an "N") has continued after the "N" was posted in your grades.  Always check your grades on the portal regularly for conduct and academic achievement.

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  • Why do I have an "N" for citizenship/conduct on my grade portal?

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    An "N" for "needs improvement" is posted for the following reasons:

    1. Excessive talking

    2. Not participating in class activities

    3. Not doing the "Do Now" or "EOC Coach Review"

    4. Eating in class

    5. Using cell phone without permission

    6. Not collaborating during group work

    7. Lining up at either door.

    8. Writing on desks

    9. See Syllabus for more reasons


    Always check your grade portal for both academic achievement and conduct grade. 

    Note: a parent phone call is not necessary prior to conduct grade change.

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  • I have a zero posted for an assignment that I know I turned in. What should I do?

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    Please check the returned papers tray and your binder for the assignment.  If you find the assignment you should write "Posting Error" at the top and replace it in your class turn in tray.  Sometimes posting errors do occur, most often students fail to put their name on the assignment.

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  • What is the weight of the state's end of course exam for biology?

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    It is weighted at 30% of the term grade, in other words semester one is 35%, semester two is 35% and the state test is 30%.

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  • What should I do if a zero is posted for an assignment that I know I did?

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    Check the graded papers tray for your class period.  If your paper is there and graded, return it to me so that I may correct the posting error.  If it is not there, check the no name papers tray.  If you find it write your information on the paper and return it to the turn in tray for your period.  I will post it with my next round of grading. 


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  • There is a lot of acronyms in your course. What do they all stand for?

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    Great Question!  Here's a list:

    Coach EOC: Test Prep Workbook

    FW:  Foundations Workbook

    EJ:  Explorer's Journal (Honors Research Projects)

    W.D.W. - "What's Due When" is a list posted on my white board every day.

    S.L.M. - "Student Learning Map" is made by the county and tells the student what he/she needs to know for the unit test.

    C.S.M.A - "Comprehensive Standards Mastery Assessment" to determine baseline knowledge; given in August.  Is not posted in gradebook.

    Q.S.M.A. - "Quarterly Standards Mastery Assessment" assessed quarterly to determine learning gains and for remediation.  Is posted in gradebook.

    E.O.C.E. - "End of Course Exam" is the biology test administered in May.  It is made by the state and is weighted at 30% of the students term grade.  Passing ensures college/career readiness.  In order to earn the designated "Scholar's" diploma a student must pass all EOCE's.

    Y.A.G. - "Year at a Glance" is stored in student binder.  It provides the pacing and progression of the biology content for the year.  Chapters, sections, quizzes and assessments are noted.

    C.A. - Chapter Assessment at the end of each chapter in the Text

    eText - Miller Levine online textbook and assignment/activity dashboard

    F.W. - Foundations Workbook for the Miller Levine Biology textbook

    SKY - Skyward grade portal and location of online assignments

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