• Wk of 8/13/18

    Welcome to our very first week in review!!!  I welcome every one of my wonderful students back to an exciting and fun school year in Physical Science class.  There will be a straight 6 schedule for Monday through Wednesday of this week and block schedule for Thursday and Friday.  The early part of this week will be dedicated to reviewing school procedures.  Next, we will transition to classroom policies and notebook setup followed by beginning Nature of Science.  For the block days, we will view a Lab Safety Video followed by a quick learning check.  After the learning check, we will have a District Benchmark Assessment as a CSMA.  We have a very short window to administer this exam.  Lastly, for those who are ambitious and viewing my web page, Science Fair will be offered this year. Those who are interested in Science Fair, please start thinking about an experiment, not a demonstration, that you would like to conduct.  Although Science Fair is not mandatory, ALL students will be engaged in some form of a project during 1st semester.  More details to follow...  I'm looking forward to another great year with fantastic students as I hope you are too.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 8/20/18

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin this week by covering key vocabulary terms, in your own words, in order to take ownership of your science.  Words such as hypothesis, inference, observation, repitition and replication will be discussed this week.  For the block days, we will have our first lab this week involving repitition and replication.  There were fantastic scores obtained on your first quiz for the Safety video.  Your papers will be returned on Wednesday.  You may check the portal for your score in the meantime.  Keep up the great work as you have proven to me that you are quite capable of a phenominal academic performance for this school year.  Parents, there will be Science Fair or a Science Project (for those who are not participating in Science Fair) that will be due before we have our winter break.  Your child should be looking through their Science textbook for something that interests them Physical Science.  Project requirements  will be distributed shortly so the students know what is due.  Science Fair requirements will also be distributed soon as well.  Great week,  Mr. O. 

    Wk of 8/27/18

    Happy Saturday the 25th to my wonderful students of Science.  We will begin this week by launching the Science Expo project sheet that has all of the requirements for the assignment that is due by Wednesday November 14th.  You have more than enough time to engage fully in the assignment.  The project sheet and the rubrics related to the assignment selected can also be located on the dashboard of the web page.  After the launch, we will begin studying Experimental Design by reviewing a host of scenarios for the IV, DV, CV and CG that we studied last week.  This work will be placed in your notebook. 

    Please remember, you had an assignment to place the papers I distributed to you into your notebook.  Please see that this job is complete as I will have an unannounced audit any day. 

    Remember, there is homework every night so you need to be studying your vocabulary words nightly as this is the language that we speak in Science... 10-15 minutes.  We also will have some graphics associated with the words as well.  For the block days, we will have a lab associated specifically with a vocabulary word in mind for you to participate in.   

    Parents, Thursday the 30th is our Open House at Liberty Middle and I am truly looking forward to meeting you and letting you know how happy I am to have your child in my class room.  I know this will be a wonderful year for your child.  This night you will be able to ask any questions regarding academics that you may have.  Let's have a great week! Mr. O. 

    Wk of 9/3/18

    Welcome to the week in review.  Ping Pong Drop lab due Tuesday September the 4th.  Don't delay for full points.  The schedule for this week will be straight 1-6 so there will be no lab for this week due to the loss of the block days.  We will continue with the scenario we the was started last week.  In addition, we will look at the various types of models that are used in science.  We will discuss the role that technology plays in science and how science can potentially have an impoact on our environment as well as on a local, state and national level.

    Remember those that had a letter to parents indicating you had missed your first lab report are to be signed and due back to me by Tuesday of this week - no excuses.

    Those participating in Science Fair, the following information is required for a "Proposal Packet" and its due date.  Please review and print these forms on the Science Fair web site and complete in blue ink only. 

    In summary,  the packet has the following . . .

    Entry Form

    Form 1A

    Research Plan

    Form 1B

    Form 3

    PROPOSAL PACKET DUE:  09-21-2018

    Experimentation is NOT to begin until I have had the opportunity to review all of the submitted paperwork.  Therefore, all dates signed on this paperwork must reflect the date prior to experimentation.  Dates must also be reflected appropriately in the journal as well.

    Great day,  Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/10/18

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  STEM Fair participants, please note the recent checklist and research plan template that were recently uploaded.  I have revised the due date for the paperwork to be received by September 21st.  Please remember to not to do any experiment prior to approval of your project by myself otherwise your project risks being disqualified.  This is a basic instruction that must be adhered to.

    Monday we will continue with the Atomic Theory by observing the contributions of scientists.  Tuesday we will take a test for Nature of Science by developing an informative essay based around pointed questions.  Wednesday we will continue with Atomic Theory and we shall look forward to a lab associated with our subject material.

    On a final note, please make sure you have all of your assignments completed and turned in for credit.  Progress reports will be distributed Friday September 14th during 6th period.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/17/18

    Welcome to another Week in Review.  Please remember to turn in your Adopt an Element for total maximum point value.  Late work recieved will have a maximum value of 75%. 

    We will continue this week spending time discussing the periodic table and the detail associated with its development.  From there, we will transition to mixtures and solutions and their various types.  Please remember to study your notebook and foldable nightly as QSMA will be scheduledfor sometime between October 1st and the 12th.  As soon as I learn of the formal date, I will let you know. 

    Science projects; STEM Fair folks must have their paperwork completed by this Friday the 21st of this week.  Science Expo folks, don't delay your project until the last minute.  It is my expectation that you initiated your assignment once I had launched it back during the August 20th Week in Review.  The formal due date for the project is Wednesday November 14.  You have plenty of time to prepare for this so there will be no excuses for completion.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O. reporting from the O-Zone.

    Wk of 9/24/18

    Reporting from the O-Zone, it's Mr. O.  We will begin this week by collecting the Molecule Story assignment from the block days of last week. 

    ***News Flash***, the 1st quarter ends on Thursday October 11th and this means that the very last day to accept late work will be on Wednesday October 3rd.  Please adhere to this date if you owe me any work as this date is firm and there will be no excuses.

    Science Expo - we are officially at the 7.5 week mark to the collection of your science project on November 14th.  It is my expectation that you have started this assignment so that you can hit the due date.  You have known about participating in a Science project since when we first met on August 13th.

    On Monday, we will begin our discussion on the pH scale and the understanding of what makes up an acid and a base.  For Tuesday, I would like to show a portion of the video Hunting the Elements followed by some questions related to the video.  Wednesday is an early release day and there will be a school wide activity for the campus.  For the block days, we will devote time to the different types of mixtures and solutions in preparation for the QSMA.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)  

    Wk of 10/1/18

    Yes reporting from the O-Zone it's Mr. O with so much to report on for this week. 

    If you were absent on either of the block days last week, you need to view a video on YouTube titled "Hunting the Elements" for the first 30 minutes.  Take notes and I will have a 2 question quiz for you after you view the video.  You can use the notes for the video.

    Next is a Science Expo reminder.  November 14th will be here soon enough so don't delay your assignment. 

    This week will be devoted to wrapping up any lose ends for Nature of Science and Atomic Theory.  I have some material that I would like to present on PowerPoint for these areas.  Remember, our county exam, QSMA, will be administered on Tuesday October 9th so you need to keep studying nightly 10-20 minutes to keep up with the material. 

    Lastly, Friday October 5th will be the very last day to turn in any late work.  Late work still has value, especially when you are within striking distance of an A or a B.

    Let's have a great week, Mr. O.

    Wk of 10/8/18

    Welcome to the O-Zone where we will begin this week with minute 26-58 on the Hunting the Elements video.  During this episode, you will see the repeated pattern of an atomic structure but not the nucleus.  This is still very impressive.  Next you will see first hand the reactivity rates of the group 1 elements as they react in water.  Lastly, you will view a lab where explosives are investigated for strength and diagnostics in real life as to their origination.  For Tuesday, it's QSMA time for the total class period and no more.  For Wednesday and beyond, we will begin our new material, Changes in Matter.

    Reminder - November 14th is tel due date of your Science Expo project.  NO LATER.  You have know about doing this project since August 13th.  Don't delay.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.

    Wk of 10/15/18

    Welcome to the O-Zone.  Friendly reminder to complete your CER Laboratory report that will be due Tuesday October 16th.  Start Quarter 2 off on a good foot by turning in your work for possible full credit.  In addition, please do not forget your Science Expo project that will be due on November 14th - no excuses.  We will begin this week by placing our physical property work in our Interactive Student Notebook.  I will show you how to set up the notebook so that you can continue to take ownership of your education.  We will next transition into density.  Let's have a great week,  Mr. O.

    Wk of 10/22/18

    Welcome to another week in the O-Zone.  Friendly reminder, your Liquid Layer Lab CER report is due Monday October 22nd.  Don't be late.  If you were absent for the block days of last week, you can complete an Alternative Assignment for the lab credit.  Also, some of you need to tell me what your Science Expo project is prior to conducting the assignment so I know you are safe in completing your work.  All projects must be turned in by November 14th.  I already have some projects arriving now.  These are students with great time management skills and I salute you for that.

    We will begin this week with determing the volume of an irregular shaped object and studying the formula for density, mass over volume.  Wednesday will be dedicated to a school based activity for your early release day.  For the block days, there will be a lab associated with density so your can deepen your understanding of the concept.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.

    Wk of 10/29/18

    Welcome to another week in the O-Zone.  Please remember to have your Density Lab completed from the block days of last week.  If your were not in attendance, you missed a lab and you can complete an Alternative Assighment as listed on the back of your Syllabus.  Please remember to place "Credit for Density Lab" across the top. Also, we are quickly approaching the Science Expo due date of November 14th.  Your assignment should be in full effect by now.  Don't wait until the last minute to complete your work as it will show.  Monday, we will continue with Density with some math to cement what we have learned so far.  Tuesday into Wednesday, we will be working on the concept of Law of Conservation of Mass.  There will be a lab associated with change in matter for the block days.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.

    Wk of 11/5/18

    Welcome to another week in review.  We will begin this week by collecting the Sunset in a Bag laboratory report.  Those that are on the DC trip may turn in their report Monday the day they return back to school.  DC students, make sure you complete your assignment sometime while you are out during DC time as I will be collecting your work and checking for completion.  We will begin reviewing some of the work we have covered since QSMA #1  Since QSMA #2 is cumulative, we will also be reviewing some of the NOS material as well. Please make sure you are completing your Science Expo assignment as November 14th is approaching very quickly.  Lastly, I consider the lab scheduled for this week to be a home run as well.  This lab will be directly related to Properties of Matter.  Let's have another great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 11/12/18

    Welcome to another issue of Week in Review just prior to our Thanksgiving break.  As a friendly reminder, please complete your lab report from the block days of last week.  Science Expo projects due this Wednesday the 14th - no excuses to be late as you knew on August 13th when we first met that you had to complete a project for first semester.  Also please bring in your total count (just cut off the bottom of your invitation) for the December 13th spaghetti dinner for the night of the Science Expo for Wednesday as well.  We will devote this week to review for QSMA #2 as this will be a cumulative county exam with material from NOS, Nature of Science.  We will have an activity associated with the cumulative material for the block days of this week.  Let's have another great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 12/3/18

    Welcome to the O-Zone and another week in review.  From now to the balance of the month including through the 17th we will officially be in review mode for the county exam QSMA #2.  We will be reviewing standards by reading and writing information in our Interactive Student notebook on a daily basis.


    Regarding the Science Expo project, please continue to give me time to digest student work.  Period one is completed with period 2 on the horizon next.  My goal is to complete one class daily.  As soon as they are completed, you are to take your project home or I can dispose of it at the end of the day if you like.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.

    Wk of 12/10/18 through the 18th/19th test dates

    Welcome to the final week in review for 2018.  Parents, as quarter two is quickly advancing to a close as of the 19th of December, I ask you to review you child's student portal in Skyward and the grade book scores not only for my class room but for all of your child's instructors.  If your child has taken any zeros's in my class, now is the time to correct such behavior prior to going to high school.  I am accepting late work through this Wednesday the 12th and no later.  Late work is considered a privelage since I have to open the grade book for more than once on the original due date.  Let's see if we can improve in this department as I know we can.

    It give me great pleasure to discuss our Science Expo which will be this coming Thursday the 13th following a spaghetti dinner.  Project boards and models will be on display in the gym until closing time.  The Expo runs from 5:30 to 7:00pm.  You may take your project home with you after you have made the tour of the other grade levels as well.  Even if you did not turn in an assignment or it wasn't selected, we still request your presence at the event.

    Lastly, from now through Monday 17th, we will remain in review mode for our QSMA #2.  There is an error on one of the questions so that particular question has been zeroed out.  That now means you have to do your very best as there are only 10 questions and your score can drop very quickly if you don't study.  So do the best you can and let's have a great week,  Mr. O.

    Wk of 1/7/19

    Welcome back to the O-Zone and Happy New Year to my wonderful students.  For this week, we will be continuing with force and motion from Friday with the photograph of the boat.  We will have a activity with the North, South, East and West directionals.  Next, we will continue into balanced and unbalanced forces.  We will transition to contact and non-contact forces.  Lastly, we will have a lab associated directly with the forces discussed for this week.  Let's have a great week,  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 1/14/19

    Welcome to the O-Zone.  We will begin this week by collecting the Parachute Lab from last week's block days.  If you were not in attendance, you can complete an Alternative Assignment for credit.  For this week, we will be covering contact/non-contact forces and the various types of friction as well.  We will be having a lab associated with the material that we are currently learning in class.  Let's have a great week,  Mr. O.

    Wk of 2/4/19

    Welcome to the O-Zone.  We will begin this week wrapping up with the summarization and process from the Law of Gravity lesson.  Next, we will begin our unit on Energy.  We also will look at Kinetic and Potential Energy in great detail to understand that these energies and dynamic and constantly change.  We will have a lab associated with Energy this week so you will be able to use your new CER procedures.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 2/11/19

    Welcome to the week in review.  The first thing on the agenda for Monday is to collect the Whirlybird Excursion Lab.  If you were absent on the block days, you will need to complete a double A to earn your points for the missed lab.  Next we will continue with reviewing the different types of potential energy followed by the different forms of energy.  Continuing with energy, we will look at how energy can be transformed into other forms.  There will be an activity planned for the block days of next week related to energy transformation.  Let's have a great week,  Mr. O.

    News Flash...  The very last day to accept any late work will be on Wednesday March 6th.  If you are absent on the 6th, then turn in the work upon the day you return.  Quarter 3 closes on March 14th.  The will be no exceptions to the March 6th due date.  Mr. Orloff

    Wk of 2/25/19

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin this week by wrapping up the law of conservation of energy.  We then will proceed to conduction, convection and radiation.  Wednesday is an early release day or an ERD.  There will be a school wide activity in preparation for your FSA.  For the block days, look for a lab directly related to the standard we are currently covering for this week.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 3/4/19

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin this week by collecting the Fizzy Rocket lab from the block days of last week.  If you were not in attendance, you will need to complete an alternative assignment as specified in your notebook or in your syllabus.  We will be reviewing on Monday and Tuesday for QSMA #3.  Monday and Tuesday, periods 1-6, Wednesday 1,3,5, Thursday 2,4,6, and Friday pep rally 1-6.  After QSMA#3, we will begin our final unit on Waves, Light and Sound.  Let's have a great week and please do study your standards in your notebook since January 4th.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 3/11/19

    Welcome to another week in review and a short week at that.  We will continue with waves in Chapter 14, lesson 1.  We will next transition into lesson 2.  Remember, we will not be at school on Friday as it is a teacher work day and I wish a very happy and safe spring break to all of my fine students.  Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 3/25/19

    Welcome back and welcome to our final quarter for the Week in Review.  I invite and encourage ALL of my wonderful students to complete all assignments offered in this final leg of your middle school journey.  There is really no reason to not earn an A and pass a Mr. O. class.  Everyone of my students are more than capable of this task.

    With all of that aside,  we will begin this week with an assembly in the cafeteria during 1st period for buildings 1 and 2.  Instruction will then continue as normal for the balance of the day.  For Tuesday, please be on your best behavior as we will be having visitors from the district offices observing the fine education that you are receiving.  Same as we always do, Read, Write, Talk and Think is our order of the day.  As far as our instruction, we will pick up where we left off prior to spring break.  I will have an activity planned for you related to waves for later in the week.  Let's have a wonderful week!  Mr. O.

    Wk of 4/1/19

    Welcome to the week in review.  The first order of business for Monday is to collect the Wave Poster activity.  If you were absent, we will explainthe assignment to you so you can complete it as well.  For Monday, we will write once again in preparation for Tuesday's FSA with a prompt related directly to sound.  The balance of the week will be devoted to preparing for a test on Waves.  The material covered will be all of C 14, C 15, L 1 and 2, C 16 L 1 and 2.  Shorlty, we should be receiving our packets for preparation of the FSSA.  Parents, when this packet is distributed to your child, there will be homework nightly that will be scored the next day.  Please encourage your child to complete this work so that they can finish the quarter strong and prepare to do well on this high stakes state test.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.  :) 

    Wk. of 4/8/19 through 5/7/19

    Welcome to a fabulous "weekssss" in review as our FSSA in a Flash has arrived and officially ready for distribution for tomorrow morning.  All work will be completed in class so the so packets will not stray from home so to say.  It is essential that you complete all assigned work as I will be scoring each of the units for 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  I will be scoring the left side of the pages separatly form the right side.  We will be doing this work until Tuesday May 7th as the FSSA will be administered on Wednesday May 8th from 8:00am until 11:00am.  There will be two paper based tests administered back to back with a short break in between.  So, I need everyone to buckle up, strive to be a level 5 and to be your very very for this high stakes state exam.  We can do this!!!  Great day, Mr. O.