• Wk of 8/12/19

    Welcome to our very first week in review!!!  I welcome every one of my wonderful students back to an exciting and fun school year in Physical Science class.  There will be a straight 6 schedule for Monday through Wednesday of this week and block schedule for Thursday and Friday.  The early part of this week will be dedicated to reviewing school procedures.  Next, we will transition to classroom policies and notebook setup followed by beginning Nature of Science just as previous years.  For Wednesday, we will view a Lab Safety Video followed by a quick learning check (5 question quiz).  If you should happen to be absent for Wednesday's video, you can receive credit by viewing any lab safety video and writing me a 1/2 to 3/4 page summary about what you learned about lab safety and then turn in the paper.  For the block days, we will have a District Benchmark Assessment as a CSMA to assess your prior knowledge and to determine where I need to focus instruction for you for this school year.  We have 50 minutes to administer this exam.  Lastly, for those who are ambitious and viewing my web page, Science Fair will be offered this year. Those who are interested in Science Fair, please start thinking about an experiment, not a demonstration, that you would like to conduct.  Although Science Fair is not mandatory, ALL students will be engaged in some form of a project during 1st semester.  If you do not participate in Science Fair, your science project might be selected for the school Science Expo similar to last December in the Gym.  More details to follow...  I'm looking forward to another great year with fantastic students as I hope you are too.  Mr. O.


    News flash from the O-Zone.  We will be having Open House on Thursday August 29.  I am so looking forward to meeting your family that evening so they can see what you are learning for this school year.  Mr. O

    Wk of 8/19/19

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin Monday by participating in a team building activity for a portion of Monday's class time.  After this, we will then begin our notebook for a lesson on observation and inference.  This lesson will continue into Tuesday as well.  Wednesday, we will begin experimental design complete with all of the vocabulary aligned with the subject such as test variable, outcome variable, controlled variable, contrtol group and experimental group.  Repitition and replication will also be included.  If you are absent during these days, please define these words in your notebook using your on-line textbook.  Thursday, Friday block will have a lab associated with some of the vocabulary words.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.

    Wk of 8/26/19

    Happy Sunday the 25th to my wonderful students of Science.  We will begin this week by collecting the Hand Jive lab that we performed on the block days of last week.  Next we will launch the Science Expo project sheet that has all of the requirements for the assignment that is due by Thursday November 14th. for periods 1,3 and 5 amd November 15th. for periods 2, 4 and 6.  You have more than enough time to engage fully in the assignment, no excuses.  The project sheet and the rubrics related to the assignment selected can also be located on the dashboard of the web page.  After the launch, we will begin studying Experimental Design by reviewing a host of scenarios for the IV, DV, CV and CG that we will begin this week.  This work will be placed in your notebook.  

    Please remember, you had an assignment to place the papers I distributed to you into your notebook.  Please see that you are keeping up with your note as I can have an unannounced audit any day.  

    Remember, there is homework every night so you need to be studying your vocabulary words nightly as this is the language that we speak in Science... 10-15 minutes.  We also will have some graphics associated with the words as well.  For the block days, we will have a lab associated specifically with a vocabulary word in mind for you to participate in.    

    Parents, Thursday the 29th is our Open House at Liberty Middle and I am truly looking forward to meeting you and letting you know how happy I am to have your child in my class room.  I know this will be a wonderful year for your child.  This night you will be able to ask any questions regarding academics that you may have.  Let's have a great week! Mr. O.  

    Wk of 9/2/19

    Welcome to a very short week of the Week in Review.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day holiday and you are refreshed and ready to go for this week.  We will begin the block days by collecting the Ping Pong Drop lab that we performed last block days.  If you were not in attendance for the lab, you can complete and alternative assignment as related to Physical Science.  Details for the assignment can be located under Labs on your syllabus or on the syllabus located on the dashboard fo the web page.  Also, please be sure to let me know your Science Expo project selection prior to starting so I know you are safe.

    Our lesson for this week will be on the various types of models followed by a NOS (Naturre of Science) activity.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/9/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  Parents, please ask your child what their project will be that they selected for the Science Expo which is due mid November.  I need to know what the project is prior to starting so I know that they are safe to complete their reqiurements.  I thank you.

    Students, we will begin Monday by collecting the Experimental Design assignment.  If you were absent on the block days, there is an assignment located on the dashboard where you design an experiment on paper only, not conducted or performed.  This assignment will let me know if you have great command over your variables that we studied the last two weeks.  We also studied Models on the block days .  Please define the following Models in your notebook - Physical model, Mathematical model, Computer Simulation model and Conceptual model.

    After collecting the assignment, I will do a homework audit where you will show me that you completed the Process, Summarization and Reflection from the lesson on Models.  Please make sure you complete this assignment.

    We will begin Atomic Theory this week by looking at the folks who made great contributions by developing a timeline and observing how the theory changed over time.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/16/19

    Welcome to another Week in Review.  The first order of business for Monday is to collect the Adopt an Element activity that we did on block days of last week.  If you were absent for this activity, the activity can be found on the dashboard of the web page.  Only do page one and two.  Page one is an advertisement and page 2 is research.  You are to research an element on the Periodic Table according to your seat number in class.

    We are still continuing with the Atomic Theory for the balance of this week.  We have a special activity for you this week in determining an unknown chemical material on the block days.  We will be participating in Rock Your School which is world wide by having an activity the is both engaging and rigorous as well.

    Science Fair participants - please log on to Bigspringsscience.com to gain access to the forms that are required for Science Fair as well as additional information.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any additional questions.

    Science Expo participants please let me know your selection and what you are doing to make sure you are safe prior to starting the activity. 

    Let's have a great week - Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/23/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  The first order of business for Monday will be for you to complete your question, summarization and reflection in class for the pH work we did.  I will be checking for the completion of your pH assignment packet that you were working on during the block days and to have completed over the weekend.  For Tuesday, we will begin mixtures and solutions.  We will have outside visitors on campus for this day and possibly in our room so best behavior is a must as well as your keepiing up with your FNT and the 5 phases.  We will continue to maintain WICOR strategies inour classroom.  Wednesday will ba an early release day where we will have a school wide activity planned for you.  Block days will have an activity planned for solids, liquids and gases.

    **News Flash**  Just as a friendly reminder, if you have taken a zero on any assignment, please remember periods 1, 3, 5, you have until October 3rd and periods 2, 4, 6 you have until October 4th to turn in.  This will be the final day and there will be no excuses.  Parents, please check Skyward to see your student's scores not only in my class but all of the others as well.  If you do not have access to your child's grades, you can stop by the front office for login information.  In the meantime, your child knows how to login with their account so they are capable of showing you their scores.  Don't let them thell you that they cannot.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 9/30/19

    Welcome to QSMA county exam week.  We will be reviewing for the QSMA exam this week which will be administered on the block days of this week.  There will be 50 minutes alloted for this exam.  Looking at the curriculum map, we have covered most everything with the exception of states of matter. Please remember, the block days of this week will be the very last day for you to clean your house of any work that you have not turned in.  No excuses at all.  Let's have a great week - Mr. O.

    Wk of 10/7/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  The first order of business for Monday is to collect your Molecule Adventure.  This will be scored so there can be another entry into the gradebook for first quarter.  Thank you to those participating in QSMA #1 and doing your best.  These scores will be entered into the gradebook as soon as they become available.  

    If you should be earning an F, look for a phone call home on Monday.  In addition, if you did not obtain a signature on your grade sheet report, I will be letting your parent know that I sent paperwork home for a signature.

    This week in school will be dedicated to FSSA review in as much as Life Science.  Topics covered will be Muscular, Skeletal, Digestive, Excretory, Respiratory, Circulatory, Nervous, Immune Reproductive, Hereditory and Planets.  Nonetheless, this will be a busy week for reviewing prior material.  Lets have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 10/14/19

    Welcome to the week in review.  Grades have been finalized and I am hopeful you are happy with your performance for Quarter 1.  Only 3 more to go and they will go very quickly.  I still need to hear from most of you regarding your Science Expo project.  I need to know what you are doing so I know you are safe to do your assignment.  November 14th will be here very quickly.

    For Tuesday, we should wrap up our work with our review from last week by completing your Reflection and Summary.  Next, we will begin Changes in Matter for our next content area.  We should be able to engage in a lab this week based on our content area.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O. 

    Wk of 10/21/19

    Welcome to another Week in Review in Quarter 2.  The first order of business for Monday is to collect your Properties of Matter work.  If you were absent on the block days, we learned about physical and chemical changes.  We also learned about the Properties of Matter.  On the dashboard, you will find the words associated with the properties.  You are to write the words down on a piece of paper and make a sketch below the words so that you can best associate and remember the words.  This will be due Monday.

    We will deepen our understanding of properties of matter as it relates to reactions and if the property is dependent or independent of size.  We will also investigate density in detail this week and we should be able to conduct a lab based on density this week.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 10/28/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  The first order of business for Monday will be to collect the Solubility Lab Report from the Teacher Lead Demonstration I had provided on the block days of last week.  If you missed this, you can complete an Alternative Assignment as indicated on the back of your syllabus.  If you cannot locate your syllabus, you can locate one on the dashboard of this web site.  This will be due on Monday.  Make sure to place Credit for Solubility lab across the top so I know where to apply the credit.

    We will continue with density for the balance of the week with assorted worksheets and lab activities to deepen your understanding of the subject.  Make sure to complete your Physical and Chemical Properties worksheet and the Chemical change Text coding article for credit.  Always write LATE across the top in pen for any work that has not been turned in on time.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 11/4/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  The first order of business for Monday will be to collect the Unknown Density lab.  Not to worry if you were not able to complete all of the unknown samples.  Present what you were able to accomplish and that will be fine.  If you were absent on the block days, you can complete an Alternative Assignment which is located on the back of your syllabus for the requirements.  A syllabus can also be located on the dashboard of this web page in case you have misplaced your copy.   Next, class time will be given to complete and present our S and R's for Density.  The next item for content will be The Law of Conservation of Mass.  I will provide you with a teacher lead demonstration this week where you can understand the law.  As we wrap up the week, I am looking forward to conducting a Chemical Change lab with you.

    Remember, November 14 is upon us very shortly.  Science Expo projects are due that day and no excuses.  You have known about this project since August 12th when we first met.  Please double check to see that your name is on all items presented to me including any papers, project boards or models.  I will be checking your name off for any of the following;  Lab Experiment Report, Paper and Project Board or Paper and Model.  Those are the only 3 possible combinations that are to be turned in.  Any questions, please consult your Science Expo Offerings document which can be located on the dashboard. Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.  :) 

    Wk 11/11/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  The first order of business for Monday will be to collect the Sunset in a Bag lab that was conducted on the block days of last week.  You know the drill, if you were absent, you may complete and Alternative Assignment as indicated on the back of your syllabus under Labs to remain current with points.  Solutions is next on our curriculum map which should serve as a review for previously covered material.  After this, we will pick up with more FSSA preparation with previously covered material in 6th grade.  Lastly, projects are due this week.  I am looking forward to seeing everyones project as I am sure they will be completed with perfection in mind.  Remember, you can bring your project in early if you like but on the actual due date, you must turn it in with your class period to avoid any unecessary confusion.  Lets have a great week, Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 11/18/19

    Welcome yes, to another week in review prior to our Thanksgiving week time off.  We will begin this week by collecting any projects that are late.  You control your socres by turning in your projects as I accept late work.  As mentioned, failure to turn in your assignment will affect your final score for Quarter 2.  

    We will continue our work in preparation for the FSSA with the Rock Cycle, Plate Tectonics and Cycles of Nature.  Lets have a great week.  Mr. O.

    Wednesday 20, 2019

    News flash...  We are coming up on closing Quarter 2 on Friday December 20th.  Some students have yet to turn in their Science Expo project.  Failure to turn in your project and any missed assignments can seriously impact your final score and possibly not pass Quarter 2.  Therefore, the last date to turn in any back assignments will be Friday December 13th.  No excuses at all.  We can do this.  Mr. O.  :)

    If you were absent today, we viewed 26 minutes of a NOVA video Hunting the Elements and answered 2 of 3 questions in total.  These questions can be located on the dashboard of the web page.  Please complete the assignment as soon as possible.

    Wk of 12/2/19

    Welcome to the Week in Review after hopefully you had an enjoyable and restful Thanksgiving holiday as I had.  The first order of business for Monday is to collect any Hunting the Elements video questions from those who were absent since Wednesday of the week prior.  Also I will be collecting the Changes in Matter assignment that we did on the block days prior to our break.  Both of these assignments can be found on the dashboard of the website as usual.  Next, we will devote some time to going over campus and class room rules since you were out for a full week so there are no excuses regarding procedures.  Lastly we will clean up the FSSA work with regards to Q, S and R for the units covered. 

    For the balance of the week, we have some sections to cover for the FSSA for prior material covered in prevoius grades.  We also will begin reviewing material for the QSMA #2 and semester exam that will be upon us shortly.  I will begin scoring the Science Expo projects this week starting with 1st period class on Monday.  Each day this will I will continue to follwo up with the next period class.  Please remember, if you turned in a project, the category was established to identify those who did not turn in an assignment and they received a zero for non participation.  Please be patient as I begin this scoring process and identifying Science Expo participants. 

    As a reminder, please don't forget your RSVP so we ccan have a count for the spagetti night that our Science Expo is scheduled on.  You received your invitation on Friday prior to our break.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 12/9/19, 10:05 am

    Welcome to the Week in Review for the second week in December.  We will begin this week by completing Cycle in Nature work from the yellow book.  We will then transition to our next standard, SC.6.N.2.2, Explain that scientific knowledge is durable because it is open to change as new evidence or interpretations are encountered.  After that work, we will begin to prepare for QSMA #2 which will take place on the 18th and the 19th of December.  If time permits, we might even be able to view another segment of the Hunting the Elements video which of course will be followed by a couple of questions.  This will be a great opportunity to be able to utilize the great work that you have been doing with your FNT, Focused Note Taking in your noterbook.  Remember, RWT, Read, Write and Think.

    Please remember that Wednesday December 18th is our Science Expo and spaghetti night.  Please complete your RSVP response so we can have an accurate count for that evening.  I am so looking forward to viewing not only my student's projects but also the 6th and 7th grades as well.  3rd and 5th period Science Expo projects have been scored and are in the grade book.  You will receive your projects back tomorrow.  6th period projects are scheduled to be scored tomorrow, on Monday.  I will also be returning the last two classes for Sunset in a Bag.  The last item to be scored will be the Chemical Properties activity which I will have back to you this week.

    Lastly, as a friendly reminder, please remember that the very last day to turn in any late work will be this Friday the 13th.  There will be no exceptions at all.  Please be responsible and accountable as we have been talking about this date for quite some time.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)

    Newsflash... 12/11/19  5:40 pm

    I just finished scoring the Change in Matter assignment and there are quite an amount of zeros taken for this assignment.  Please locate the assignment on the dashboard of the web page and complete this prior to this Friday December 13 for a score.  This assignment was also mentioned on the December 2 entry for the Week in Review.  Thank you for keeping up with your studies.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 12/16/19  8:49 am

    Welcome to the final Week in Review prior to Winter Break.  The schedule for this week will be as follows; Monday, CSMA, 1,3,5 Tuesday, CSMA, 2,4,6 Wednesday, QSMA, 1,3,5 Thursday, QSMA, 2,4,6 and then Friday school based lesson 1-6 periods, 27 minutes each.  The academics for Monday and Tuesday will consist of an assessment  to see where you stand with the content area.  We will have our QSMA and if time permits, we might be able to view more of the Hunting the Elements video.  We will then wrap up the week on Friday.  Don't forget, we will have our Science Expo on Wednesday evening and I am so looking forward to seeing the our students projects showcased as well as the 6th and 7th grades.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 1/7/2020  3:58pm

    Welcome and Happy New Year to my fine wonderful students.  I hope you are returning back to school well rested and ready to go for the second half of the year which by the way will go incredibaly fast.  We will begin this week by recalibrating the policies and procedures here at Liberty Middle School and the Big Three as well.  Then it's full on with Force and Motion which is our new unit and I am looking forward to continue woth the FNT process by refining it further and improving what we already do during class.  I hope you are excited to return as I am especially with the new content material.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.  :)

    Friday January 10, 2020  2:18pm

    News Flash - If you were absent on the block days of this week, you will need to complete an Alternative Assignment for a missed activity named Directional Activity.  You will need to view something related to directions and write a complete full front page sumarrizing what you read.  In addition, you need to define the following words and give examples of the words; Reference point, Position, Motion and Displacement.  Also, please provide examples of those definitions as well.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 1/13/2020  9:13am

    Welcome to the week in review.  We will begin this week by completing Unit 1 which began Motion.  I will also be returning the CFU or Check for Understanding that you had completed last week except for period 6 (you still need to complete this).  We will transition to distance-time graphing which incorporates interpretation of the graph.  There will also be a variety of vocabulary words to define this week such as speed, velocity, positive and negative acceleration, inertia and momentum to name a few. Let's have a great week - Mr. O.

    Wk of 1/20/2020  10:02am

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  As I mentioned last week, I hope you had a chance to reflect on this Martin Luther King day of all the great things this man stood for in America and the contributions he made for mankind.  We will begin our week by collecting the Whirlybird Excursion lab tha we participated in on the block days.  If you were absent for the lab, you may complete an Alternative Assignment as indicated on your syllabus.

    We will next continue with Force and Motion by observing various forces that we may expierience on a daily basis.  On Wednesday, we will have a county wide activity that will take place over the next two months on the Early Release Days.  This week will be a 1, 3, 5 day.  We will continue to pick up with our studies on the block days of this week.  Let's have a great week,  Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 1/27/2020  7:43am

    Welcome to the week in review. The first order of business will be to collect the Forces activity for the yellow book, pages 123-126.  If you were not here on the block days, you must tear those pages out and turn them in the very next day.  We will continue with force and motion by studying the Law of Universal Gravitation and the elments that surround gravity in general.  As promised, we will have a lab this week which incorporates speed. I believe you will really enjoy this one.  Sooooo, let's have a great week.  Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 2/3/2020  8:56am

    Welcome to, you guessed it, the Week in Review.  Thie first order of business will be to turn in you Parachute Lab in from the block days of last week.  You know the usual, if you missed the lab, you are to complete an Alternative Assignment in order to remain current and earn points.  We will be able to complete the lesson on Gravity and then transition to material learned in the years prior at Liberty Middle for the balance of the week.  We should be able to have a lab this coming week.  Please remember, progress reports are out on the 6th this week as we will have reached the halfway point of the quarter.

    ***A word about discipline and respect.  As Ms. Forsyth had mentioned during the morning announcements of Friday, there should not be any misbehavior of any form, calling out or any other classroom disruptions.  Our marching orders are as follows - 1 referral equals No pep ralley, No 8th grade dance and No Grad Venture.  That's it as everyday we are preparing for High School so let's lead the other grade levels as we know we can.  Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 2/10/2020  8:17am

    Welcome to the week in review.  The first order of business will be to turn in your Balloon Race lab from the block days of last week.  There will be a text coding activity related to forces so we can keep that lesson in front of us.  On Tuesday, we will begin Energy with some vocabulary words such as Energy, Kinetic and Potential Energy to get us started.  We will dive deeper into other types of Energy for the balance of the week.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)

    ***News Flash***  2/16/2020  10:55am

    I just scored the Basketball forces sheet and a good bit of you decided to take a zero on this assignment.  This went in the book as a test grade since we had finished our lesson on Forces.  The assignment is available on the dashboard of the web page in case you lost your sheet.  You are to color code where the answers are located in the body of the text.  In other words, find your evidence by color.  Don't forget to complete the back of the page as well.  Make sure to write late at the top of the page because it IS late.  This work was assigned on the 28th of January and collected on the 29th the very next day.  Mr. O.

    In addition, the last day to accept any late work will be the Friday before Spring Break, March 6th.  No excuses.  You have a very wide 3 week window to correct this behavior or turning in late work.  No work will be accepted the following week as I am preparing to close Quarter 3.  You can do this.  Mr. O.

    Wk of 2/17/2020  8:29am

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  The first order of business is to collect the Fizzy Rocket lab that we conducted on the block days of last week.  If you were not in attendance, you know the drill.  We will pick up where we left off by going deeper into Potential Energy by studying gravitational, elastic and chemical forms.  From there, we wll transition tothe 8 actual forms of energy that we know today.  To wrap our week, you will have an activity to help to cement your klnowledge as to what you learned.

    Please adhere to to last day to accept late work, March 6th.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 2/24/2020  1:19pm

    Welcome to the Week in Review.  Sorry for the delay - I had issues with connectivity but I'm here now.  The first order of business will be to collect the Select 21 assignment we started on the block days in class.  For this week, we will transition in Energy to the next unit, Heat.  We will learn and discuss all of the elements surrounding Heat in such a way that you will not forget your vocabulary words.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)  

    Wk of 3/2/2020  8:00am

    Welcome to the month of March and time seems to be flying by so fast.  The first order of business is to collect the text coding activity that you were assigned for homework on the block days of last week.  If you missed class during the block days, the rainbow read article related to battery power can be found on the dashboard and will be due Monday.   Next, I will be returning the balance of the work I owe you which is Select 21, Balloon Race lab and Fizzy Rocket lab.  Please check Skyward as the last day to turn in late work will be Friday March 6th - no excuses.

    We will be reviewing Monday and Tuesday of this week in preparation for QSMA #3, our final QSMA of the year.  Wednesday/Thursday will be a 1,3,5 and a 2,4,6 block day for the QSMA#3.  You will be givem 50 minutes to complete the exam with the exception of those who have accomodations.  We will then transition to Waves, Light and Sound, our final unit.  After this unit, it will be full on for the FSSA.  Friday will be the Basketball pep ralley.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 3/9/2020  7:46am

    Welcome to another Week in Review.  There will be no collection of work as last Friday March 6th marked the end of a 3 week window for you to turn in any and all work that was late.  Many of you took advantage of the late work policy and pulled through during the 11th hour and improved your scores dramatically.  Congratulations to your academic performance and your concern for your academics.  Now the push is on full throttle for the high stakes test that is scheduled for May 19th, the FSSA State Science Assessment.  You must continue to study nightly your notebook 15-20 minutes.  In order to eliminate any confusion that may still exist out there, there is homework every night in Science class, your most technical class that you will have on any campus.  Whether homework is formally assigned or not, you must study at the very least your notebook nightly.  Remember, this exam cover material you learned in 6th grade Earth and Space and 7th grade Life Science.  We must be best prepared for whatever the state tosses in our direction so you can become a level 5.  So, our new marching orders are "Strive to be a Five".  You can do this.

    5th Period class, we will be meeting in the Media Center starting on Tuesday.  Since the elevator is still down, Samone will now be able to join us in class as we missed her since the elevator has been down.

    For this week, we will pick up where we had left off with the 6 vocabulary words and we will go over the waves in detail while employing those great WICOR strategies that we had discussed.  We will continue to add more vocabulary to this lesson for this week.  Remember for this week, make good choices for whatever decisions you make this week prior to spring break.  Please don't make a bad choice that will land you an extended vacation as Ms. Forsyth had indicated.  We can make it through this final week before the break just fine.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :)

    Wk of 3/23/2020  2.00pm

    Welcome to my wonderful group of Science students to whom I truly miss so much.  I don't need any more extended time away from my students but we must remain safe.  I write to let you know that I will be preparing our Science lessons in an on-line platform so please stay tuned for more information regarding this exciting aspect of our school year to follow.  Be safe, Mr. O.  :) 

    News Flash... 3/27/2020  12:39pm

    Good afternoon my folks of Science.  April 1st, next Wednesday will be our first day for formal assignments.  I will have a PowerPoint similar to the way you are most used to during our class time together.  Please continue to stay tuned as I am sure more information will soon follow.  Be safe,  Mr. O.  :)

    Sunday 3/29/2020, 5:40pm, information update...

    Just a quick update prior to this on-line school week.  I will be stopping by the office Monday morning, briefly, only to secure some resources and school work that was issued prior to the spring break.  Those items are the article titled Battery Text Coding and the Wave Prompt writing that we did in class prior to break and they are now due.   Check your notes to see if you have completed these assignments.  You are to take a photo of these and send them to my e-mail in order to earn credit just as we have done prior to our current environment.  Nothing has changed in this procedure.  I will score those works just as humanly possible so be sure to check Skyward for your scoring.  Please make sure you name the assignment in the subject line of the e-mail so I can categorize the incoming mail appropriately. 

    I will have assignments located on the dashboard starting Wednesday morning as that is when the on-line portion of our class work begins.  The subject for this week will be the Electromagnetic Spectrum and I will have separate PowerPoints listed by 8th Grade and by Honors classes due to the different textbooks that you have access to.  So, mindful as to which PowerPoint you are opening on the dashboard.  Remember, 8th grade has the Blue HMH textbook and Honors students have the High School text.  I am planning to be infront of my e-mail twice a day each for one hour.  Those times will be from 8-9am and from 1-2pm.  Once the assignments have been place on the dashboard, those will need to be photographed and sent to my e-mail.  The general format will be what you are used to, FNT or Focused Note Taking.  More to follow,  Mr. O.  :) 

    Monday 3/30/2020  1:00pm

    Welcome parents and students.  I have just completed scoring the Battery Text Coding assignment.  Parents, please review with your child in Skyward that there is a score for this assignment.  If there is no score, please encourage your child to complete the assignment which is available on the dashboard of the web page.  Once completed, your child can send me an e-mail with a photo of the completed work for credit.  Students, please complete your Wave prompt for credit as well.  I only have a handful of this completed assignment.  More to follow.  Mr. O.  :)

    Tuesday 3/31/2020  11:24am

    To my great students of Science, welcome.  I have heard from several students so far and I am so excited to participate in the Distance Learning journey with you.  We will have fun.  A couple of things first. 

    1.  Make sure you visit the web page for your assignments.  You have heard me say many times that this is the primary way we communicate when we are not face to face.  Nothing new here.  

    2.  Make sure you check in with me by e-mail for either misunderstandings or your completed homework.  This is also how I will be able to account for attendance in the class.

    3.  Your assignment should be viewable under the heading 8th Grade Physical Science On-line Assignments.

    4. This is how to access your online text book in case you have opened it yet.  Students log into the MCPS Student Desktop with their user name and password.  Students click the“Course Schedule” square.  Once the“Course Schedule” opens students should click eTextbook next to the course name. 

    Let's have agreat week, Mr. O.  :)

    Sunday 4/5/2020  10:38am

    Good morning and welcome to another great week in Distance Learning.  I have a note about the FNT note taking assignments that are assigned.  I would like to see you complete this work in your note book just as we were in class.  We have developed too much momentum to lose how far we have grown with our note taking.  So please, continue writing in your note book.  The assignments posted are not intended to be just filled in and typed.  I need you to hand write just as if we were in a class setting.

    All in all, I am so very pleased with the students who have reached out to join me in the Distance Learning opportunity for this past week.  I am so very proud of each of you and I truly miss you guys much.

    Our lesson for this week will be on the subject of Light.  There are a host of Bellwork questions, EQ, vocabulary activity and your Summative Reflection for you to work on for this week.  I have also went into CPALMS and pulled a video for you to view about Light and Illusions conmplete with questions to facilitate notetaking.  You can type directly on this question sheet if you like because it is a word document.  I hope you enjoy the video.  Lets have a great week.  Mr. O.  :)

    Sunday 4/12/2020  10:02am

    Good morning my fine students of Science.  Please find the informational update as follows...  But first, I need to say a Big thank you to those students who have been participating in the Distance Learning over the last two weeks.  That says alot about your value in education just as myself.  Some students I have not heard from at all.  I will be reaching out by phone, e-mail or any other source that I have access to so you understand I am looking for your assignments.  There is important curiculum information that you need prior to transitioning to High School.

    Ok, let me update you with some general information. 

    1.  Please use your Marion County established e-mail as the source to send and receive the homework.  This works best and what is to be used.

    2.  The PowerPoint slides are to be used as a reference and not to be filled in.  You are to be uploading a photo of your completed notebook pages for me to review and then to score.

    3.  The reading for this week is embedded into the slides.  You may need to adjust the zoom at the bottom of the web page to magnify as needed.

    4.  If you do not have a device to take a photograph, then you may write in the body of the e-mail that you send me to score.  This will work just fine in this instance.

    5.  Lastly, there is no Late in Distance Learning.  No stress, no worries.  Trust me, we will get through this.  I am extremely flexible during this time as I really do understand about the changes we all are going through.  There is nothing more that I want each and every of my students to finish this school year strong and earn a great score as you transition to High Shool.

    In closing, I am looking forward to having a wonderful week learning about Sound and I trust you will as well.  Mr. O.  :)

    Sunday 4/19/2020  9:43am

    Good morning and welcome to this week's Weekly Update.  For the next week's ahead, we are going to spend time reviewing sections that we had gone through this year.  This will be a great time to reinforce concepts that we previously learned in order to solidify our learning.  For this week, we will be working in the Yellow book for Energy Transformations and Heat Flow. Please complete the Student Responses on pages 114 and 118 and the Benchmarks on pages 115 and 119 just as we have done in class.  Be certain to find your evidence and then you will know that you will have earned a 100%.

    Again there have been some students that have not checked in as of yet.  You potentially could be behind by 9 assignments already and you need to step up the pace.  Please e-mail me with any questions that you may have.  All other students that have been submitting work, you Rock!  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.

    News Flash... Tuesday 4/21/2020  2:00pm

    Welcome my fine students of Science.  Effective immediately, please check Skyward for missed assignments.  Progress reports are quickly approaching.  We are in our fourth week of Distance Learning and there are students out there who have not completed a Science assignment.  There will be an F indicated in the gradebook for your missed work.  I will accept your work upon completion.  I know all students have been contacted and accounted for so now you need to meet my expectations of completing your work.  Again, the F's are for students that have not engaged.  As for the rest of you, you Rock on!!!  I am so very proud of your academic performance.  Mr. O.  :)

    Sunday 4/26/2020  9:25am

    Welcome to another Weekly update in Physical Science and Week #5 of Distance Learning.  There will be two assignments for this week.  One will be for Text Coding and the other you will be summarizing.  Both articles are related to Energy and the Standards are provided.  Please pay attention to the requirements of each of the assignments as the directions are clearly posted.  I am looking forward to reading your responses to the activity.

    I must say I really enjoyed reading your SR's from this past week.  I see that there were many of you that made Learning Gains regarding the Doppler Effect.  As I said in the begining of the school year, I will read every word that you write to me and I am so very proud of each of you and your academic performance.  Soon we will enter into the month of May with more Learning Gains to be made.  Let's have a great week, Mr. O.  :) 

    News Flash...  Friday 5/1/2020  9:05am

    Welcome students of Science.  I want to let you know that your submitted work is coming through just fine.  Any delays in getting the scores returned to you are merely due to work load.  Since I wrote about F's in the grade book Wednesday evening, I have been receiving anywhere from 50-70 e-mails daily from students who want to improve their score.  And that's a good thing!  I will be scoring the work in the order that it is received so don't fret.  I will get to the work just as humanly possible.  Please remember I also shut down at the end of a work day to be with my family too.  Please be safe and enjoy your day with your family as well.  Mr. O.  :)

    News Flash... AI, Academic Integrity Sunday 5/3/2020  10:00am

    Good morning and welcome to a breifing regarding Academic Integrity which I will explain in a moment.  It has come to my attention this week, several times, that students are presenting work as their own but really they are copying someone elses work and presenting it as their own.  This needs to stop immediately.  My academic standards are of you are high and that is where they are going to stay.  I am certain that Langauge Arts dealt with this this school year.  We just don't do this.  All work must be original. 

    Effective immediately, if I see this continuing, this is what is going to occur. 1. I will bring it to your attention.  2. I will copy the material that you copied and present it to you. 3.  You will not receive a score, however, you may redo/resubmit in your own words. 4.  I will call your parents and let them know about your academics.  Let me be very clear, in an academic environment, all work is original.  I trust this will help.  Mr. O.

    Sunday 5/3/2020  10:10am 

    Welcome to another Weelkly update in Physical Science for week #6 of Distance Learning.  The two assignments for this week will be based on NOS or Nature of Science.  The standards are a part of the documents.  One of the assignments is a video which serves as a nice break from the usual work that we do.  Similar to the Illusion video. 

    I see a lot of great work entering my in-box of my e-mail.  Keep up the great work for a strong finish.  If you know of a student not doing any work, please try to encourage them to pick themselves up as failures for the school year are a possibility at this point.  I want to see all students move on to high school as that is the way it should be.  And please remember, original work.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.  :) 

    Sunday 5/10/2020  9:50am

    Good morning and welcome students of Science.  You have two assignments for this week.  The first is a video regarding the pH of materials and a how a particular student got involved with making a career in Science.  The next assignment is an article regarding how the ocean is being affected by temperature changes. 

    Please remember, all submissions must be original and not be identical to any classmates work at all.  That is not Academic Integrity at all.  If it is found, there will be a consequence of no score until the writing is original plus a parent notification as well.  Let's have a great week!  Mr. O.  :)

    Sunday 5/17/2020  9:53am

    Good morning and welcome to another weekly edition of the Science update.  First and formost, for the article you will read, please use the PPL, Page, Paragraph and Line Number tool you learned in class so your answers will be accurate with the evidence.  The assignments for this week will be similar to the last weeks in that you will view a video and read an article related to the Standard SC.8.P.8.4.  I have received a lot of student feedback where the videos are quite enjoyable and a great break from the standard tasks that we usually do.  Also, as we are winding down the school year, please remember the last day to turn in material will be Wednesday the 27th so please manage your time accordingly for a strong finish.  I want to award A's so they are there for the earning!

    Lastly, I hope you have an enjoyable week with Distance Learning and I do want you to know how much I do miss each and everyone of you.  I know we are making the best of the situation but please know you are missed.  Let's have a great week.  Mr. O.  :) 

    News Flash - Friday 5/22/2020  7:08am

    Happy Friday and good morning to my fine students of Science.  It has truly been a pleasure to serve you this year and I must say I truly had a wonderful experience with each and everyone of you.  This will be one of my last weekly updates that I will be pushing out for this school year so pay close attention.

    There will be no more new assignments posted for this school year.  Yes, no more.  So, those of you who have been diligently doing your assignments, take a breather and enjoy this message as I say thank you.  To those of you who have not done any of the work, we more than likely will have a spot for you at Liberty Middle next year as you placed yourself in a situation where you did not earn your Science credit and will not be able to go onto High School.  You can, however, clean up the work that you need to do but now you have to rush instead of working at a steady pace.  Remember, you only have until next Wednesday the 27th to turn in any assignments.  
    Please enjoy this Friday.  On Memorial Day holiday on Monday, please remember those who sacrificed to give us our freedoms.  Once again, I say thank you, reporting from the O-Zone.
    Mr. O.  :)