• May 22-26
    1. End of Year party?
    2. Birthdays 
    3. Group photo 
    4. Special speaker (Tues.)
    (No Hawk Hour on Wed./Thurs.)

    May 15-19
    1. Shrek at OCT (Wed.)
    2. Photos with props
    3. Take food to car
    4. Evaluation

    May 8-12
    1. Charades: Hangman, 3 Words
    2. Brainstorm: Play ideas for 2018
    3. Brainstorm/storyboard PSA's (Teach: irony)
    4. Costume/prop improv
    5. Relay Party in Ocala: May 23, 6:30

    May 1-5
    1. Relay Party (Fri.) & Awards
    2. Bring in: soda, chips, cookies 
    3. Circle Game

    April 24-28
    1. Friday Night: RELAY!!
    2. Clean up stage (Mon.)
    3. $$ raised...______
    4. Getting ready for Relay
    5. Congratulations!
    6. Plans for next two months

    April 17-21
    1. Rehearsals - ALL - Mon.-Thurs.2:30-4:30
    2. Fri. night Play!!!
    3. Sales for Fri. night: soda, popcorn, bracelets, buttons
         (Elizabeth and Jasmine)
    4. We need soda donations!!!
    5. Ocala Civic Theater Summer Brochure

    April 10-14
    1. Thank you notes
    2. Luminaria sales
    3. Rehearsal (in class)
    4. Rehearsal (after school)
         No rehearsal on Tuesday (transporting props)
         Beginning Wed.: Everyone!
    5. Bank Night (Thursday, 6:30): Take invitations and $

    April 3-7
    1. Drama script read 
    2. Lunch: Luminaria sales (Tues.-Fri.)
    3. AM/PM Luminaria sales (Tues.-Fri.)
    4. Afterschool rehearsals with no scripts (Mon.-Thurs.)
    5. Cancer Stats & Stories
    6. Fill coin rolls & deposit
    7. Take down banners and other decorations

    March 27-31
    1. Collect permission slips (Mon.)*
    2. Sing songs from the play (Mon.)
    3. 2 minute talk (Mon.)
    4. Make Luminaria posters (Mon.)
    5. Drama script read 
    6. Lunch: Luminaria sales (Tues.-Fri.)
    7. AM/PM Luminaria sales (Tues.-Fri.)
    8. Afterschool rehearsals begin (Mon.-Thurs.)*
    9. Plan/implement Survivor Recognition (Fri.)

    March 20-23
    1. Video - Dear 16 year old me (Mon.)
    2. Sell (new) buttons, tattoos and luminaria
    3. Drama script reading (Tues.)
        -Alexis, Agnes, Amber, Jasaira, Kirstin, Veronica, Nicholas, Jasmine, Rebecca, Valerie, Joevony, Rey, Madison, Kary, Zekke, Jailin, 
    4. Begin afterschool rehearsals
        Song rehearsals page
    5. Plan: Survivor Recognition
    6. Fix or remove banner (Mon.-Tues.)
        - Jan, Tyler, 
    7. Collect/sort foods for Hope Lodge (Tues.)
        -Victor, Elizabeth, Vicktoria

    Feb.27-March 3
    1. Make some more Piggy Planes
    2. Fix decorations
    3. Sell: tattoos, buttons and luminaria
    4. Make and post $1-$2-$3 Day posters 
    5. Put up Cafeteria Posters
    6. Food collection for Thursday night
    7. Thursday Team Meeting @OPD (5pm) (Cowboys) - Permission slip
    8. First reading of Drama
    9. List of parents/Permission Slips for Hope Lodge picnic
    10. Sell $1-$2-$3 Day wristbands

    Feb.27-March 3
    1. Deliver Piggy Planes
    2. Decorate school - Purple Month
    3. Photos of Fear/Flower Faculty
    4. Finish and post Posters 
    5. Missing photos for commercials
    6. Sell tattoos and buttons

    1. Bring in bottles and cookies
    2. Request & plan field trip to Hope Lodge
    3. Build Plane Piggy Banks
    4. Request Walmart donation table (Spring Break)
    5. Cancer Posters
    6. Get ready for Paint Your School Month
        a) We need purple streamers, bows, banner triangles

    1. Candy and flower sales

    2. Make Plane Piggy Banks
    3. Choose or write Spring Play
    4. Finish signing up on Relay website
    5. Mission moment: ACS Services
    6. Request Field Trip to Hope Lodge
    7. Finish commercials for Relay
    8. Orient HOSA kids
    9. Binder Check


    1. Sewing epaulets (Ms. Smith)
    2. Field trip forms
    3. Sales:
        AM - Agnes,Rebecca,Rey
        Lunch - Amber(B), Alexis(A), Kirstin(B), Zekke(B)
        PM - Valerie, Amber, Agnes, Elizabeth
    4. Make keychains
    5. Mission moment: Cancer Quiz & Prevention
    February Team Meeting
    1. Film commercials
    2. Decide & read next production
    3. Field trip forms

    1. (Substitute) Read "Dad died and where was I?" and answer questions (Tues.)
    1. RELAY/DRAMA: Finish decorating bulletin board
    2. RELAY: a) Complete fundraising calendar (Mon.)
                    b) Valentine's/keychains/bracelet sales (Mon.)
                    c) Mission moment: Cancer statistics (Tues.)
                    d) Collect ACS consent forms & signup on website (Thurs.)
                    e) Finish cleanup of Relay Center (Fri.)
    3. DRAMA: a) Inventory props and costumes (Mon.)
                    b) Review Solangy's Play (Tues.)
                    c) Rehearse & film Relay commercials (Wed.)
                    d) Collect permission slips for Field Trip (Mon.-Wed.)
                    e) Collect parental forms (Mon.-Fri.)
    4. Binder check: (Wed.)

    1. Welcome new Hawk Hour students & Relay for Life!
    2. RELAY: a) Decorate bulletin board
                   b) Permission Slips (Feb.9, 6pm, Ocala Police)
                   c) New Theme & location
                   d) Set up Relay Center
                   e) Brainstorm Fundraising calendar
    3. Drama: a) Create commercial for Relay bracelets
                    b) Read through Solangy's Play & revise
                    c) Permission slips for "Field Trip"/Choices:
          Westport Mystery Dinner Theater  (Feb.2, $25)
          Vanguard Mystery Dinner Theater (Feb.10 or 11,$12)
          Bollywood Musical at The Villages (Mar.2, $25)
    4. NO Binder check this week - "No Referral Whirl!"
    5. Parent Brochure and Consent Form
    6. ACS Relay Youth Consent Form
    7. Presentation on OI by Nicholas

    1. Choose/assigned new Hawk Hour
    2. Finish Bollywood Musical
    3. Binder Check (Wed.)

    Jan.16 (Dr.Marin Luther King Jr. Day) - No school

    1. Singing auditions - Disney Karaoke
    2. Musical: Bollywood!
    3. Binder check (Wed.)
    Week of Jan.4-6  Happy New Year 3
    1. Welcome back! 
    2. New Hawk Hour assignments
    3. Relay for Life - 
    4. Drama Goals 2nd semester
    5. Hangman Charades
    6. Singing auditions - Disney Karaoke

    Week of Dec.12-16
    1. Afterschool Full Rehearsals (Mon./Tues.)
    2. "Ebony Scrooge" Performance - Wed., 6pm (Cafeteria) (Program Bulletin)
    3. Stage cleanup - Thurs.
    4. Celebration - Fri.

    Week of Dec.5-9
    1. Rehearsal Schedule - Full Rehearsal Thurs./Fri. Afterschool
         (meet at the Cafeteria after dismissal)
    2. Sat., Stage Crew paint scenery
    3. Program - Photo & quote
    4. Binder Check (Wed.)

    Week of Nov.28 - Rehearsals of "Ebony Scrooge"
    1. Assign parts, permission forms for afterschool rehearsal
    2. Script - Ebony Scrooge (revised)
    3. Rehearsal Schedule and Groups (see slides 10-14)
    4. Video of performance
    5. Binder Check (Wed.)

    Week of Nov.14 - Screenwriting
    1. Skit readings (Mon.)
    2. Script - Ebony Scrooge
    3. Script writing - Solangy
    4. Auditions: Mon.-Tues. (11/21-22)
    5. Binder Check (Wed.)

    Week of Nov.7 - Plot, 
    1. Binder Check (Wed.)
    2. Xmas Play - Reading/Auditions
    3. Elements of Good Drama - Film Analysis

    Week of Oct.31 (No Hawk Hour on Wed./Early Release) Theme: Elements of Good Drama
    1. Finish - Video tape skit
    2. Edit Music Video
    3. Binder Check (Thurs.)
    4. Xmas Play - Choose Theme|
    5. Video tape monologues
    6. Research Christmas Play ideas
    7. Elements of Good Drama - Film Analysis

    Week of Oct.24 - Theme: Red Ribbon
    1. Rehearse Red Ribbon Week skit
    2. Videotape skit
    3. Perform skit live - Thursday ("B" Hawk Hour)/Friday ("A" Hawk Hour)
    4. Binder Check (Wed.)

    Week of Oct.17 - Theme: Red Ribbon
    1. Rehearse Red Ribbon Week skit
    2. Prepare props for skit
    3. Binder Check (Wed.)

    Week of Oct.10 - Theme: Red Ribbon & Monologues
    1. Rehearse Red Ribbon Week skit
    2. Rehearse, perform/videotape Monologues
    3. Presentation by actress (Ocala Civic Theater)
    4. Binder Check (Wed.)/Silent Reading "Red Ribbon Week"

    Week of Oct.3 - Theme: Red Ribbon & Monologues
    1. Brainstorm for Red Ribbon Week
    2. Rehearse, perform/videotape Monologues
    3. Create Red Ribbon skits
    4. Presentation by actress (Ocala Civic Theater)
    5. Binder Check (Wed.)/Silent Reading "Red Ribbon Week"

    Week of Sept. 26 - Theme: Plot, Irony
    1. Filming of Commercials (by Veronica)
    2. Memorizing lines
    3. Story of Vinny Desautels
    4. Brainstorm commercials ideas (Cancer/School)
    5. Group - Scene readings
    6. Improv 
    7. Binder Check

    Week of Sept.19 - Theme: Character Analysis
    1. Seedfolks book
    2. Character Anaysis of Seedfolks
    3. Write monologues (1)(2)/Binder Check on Wednesday
    4. Perform monologues (Thurs.)
    5. Skits/reading (Fri.)
    6. Commercials are videotaped next week!
    7. Put a "button" on your commercial (1,2)
    8. Enthusiasm (1,2)

    Week of Sept.12 - Theme: Character Analysis
    1. Seedfolks book
    2. Character Anaysis of Seedfolks
    3. Binder Check on Wednesday

    Week of Sept.6 - Theme: Character Analysis
    1. Things you don't want to hear in surgery
    1. Character Analysis Chart
    2. I am Poem
    3. Seedfolks book
    4. Self-concept questionnaire
    5. Read a script

    Week of Aug.29
    1. Welcome to Drama! (Not that type Deontay!)
    2. Student Info card
    3. Student Survey 
    4. Plans for the semester
    5. Agenda & Binder (Thursdays)
    (If you are interested in attending plays:
     - Sept.17, 7pm @ Vanguard High School)
    6. Check out Drama Resources
    7. Example of a non-verbal drama 

    Week of Aug.22 (Wed.-Fri.,Computer Lab)
    1. Sign-Up sheet for Hawk Hour
    2. Mr.Q's website - Useful Links
        a) Try 1 Activity
        b) Watch 1 Inspiration Video
        c) Use 3 References
        d) Watch 2 Test-Taking Videos

    Week of Aug.15
    1. 1st Binder check (Math HW)


    Schools out f the summer recess schools out

    May 27, Fri.
    1. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel

    May 24, Tues.
    1. Relay Wrap-up Party
    2. Website: HorizonHawksRelay4Life.webs.com
    3. Special Presentations & Thanks

    May 23, Mon.
    1. Tobacco prevention presentation by Bill Cousins

    May 18-20
    1. Collect sponsor money
    2. Video: My Relay Experience
    3. Video testimonies

    May 17, Tues.
    1. Collect Sponsor money
    2. Photos from Relay
    3. "Big Check" day...Tues., May 24
    4. Refreshments/cake for May 24 (bring in $2)

    May 16, Mon. 
    1. Evaluate Relay event
    2. Update on our amount raised
    3. Distribute Sponsor envelopes
    4. Last cookie/bracelet sale: Fri., May 20

    May 14, Sat.
    Elsa ani gif RELAY FOR LIFE!!!!! (Sunrise Elementary, 9am)

    May 9-13 (Mon.-Fri.)
    1. Decorating the castle for Relay
    2. Sell Luminaria (Deadline to buy Luminaria Bags - May 12)
        Luminaria Video Commercial
    3. Deadline for Sponsorship envelopes - May 12
    4. Deadline for T-shirts - May 10
    5. Bring in Permission Forms for Relay for Life by Wed., May 11

    May 2-6
    1. Need for large cardboard boxes
    2. Collect T-shirts (white/grey/light blue)
         Theme: "Love Finds a Cure"
    3. Finish "Foot" posters
    4. List of Themes for Laps at Relay
    5. Planning: Building the castle for Relay
    6. Deadline to buy Luminaria Bags - May 12
    7. Deadline for Sponsorship envelopes - May 12
    8. Deadline for T-shirts - May 10
    9. Make silver snowflakes

    April 25-29
    1. Announce: Need for large cardboard boxes
    2. Hand-out/explain Sponsorship Forms
    3. Finish "Foot" posters
    4. Reading: Charles Cote - Music & Cancer
    5. Planning: Building the castle for Relay
    6. Fri.: Cookie/Bracelet Sales

    Fri., April 8
    1. Silent Reading (Mr.Q)

    Thurs., April 7
    1. Finish Close Reading from Wednesday

    Wed., April 6 
    1. No Referral Whirl

    Tues., April 5
    1. Close Reading - What are cells?(Cancer)

    Mon., April 4
    1. Work on Luminaria bags

    Wed., Mar.30
    1. Tasks -
    a) Posters for Luminaria sales
    b) Commercial for Luminaria (Fund.Comm.)
    c) PPT slides of Milestones or Discoveries in Cancer History (Mission Comm.)
    d) Add Charms to bracelets
    e) Paint "Foot" posters
    f) Online sign up (for those who brought forms)
    g) Take photos (for bulletin boards & scrapbook)
    h) Design a new banner for "Paint Your School Purple"
    i) Look up a new song for Music Video

    Tues., Mar.29
    1. Team meeting Agenda
    a) Fundraising committee - How do we sell/promote Luminaria bags?
    b) Update on money
    c) Missions Committee - we need good videos! 
        we need PPT of cancer milestones
    d) Friday cookie sales (we need cookies)
    e) Thank for work/donations on Jean Day!
    f) Update: Things we need for the Frozen Site list
    g) Cancer Stat. of the week (Slide 32)
    h) Block Party this Saturday (267 Marion Oaks Drive)
    i) "Stick a fork in cancer" (stickaforkincancer.com)

    Mon., Mar.28
    1. Carey - Silent Reading
    2. Quinones - Survivor gifts, Block Party, Add charms to bracelets

    (Spring Break - Mar.21-25)

    Mon.-Tues., Mar.14-15
    1. (Mr.Q's) Cancer research - What is cancer? Handout PPT Cancer Vocab.
        Mission committee
    2. (Ms.Carey's) Silent Reading 

    Tues.-Fri., Mar.8-11
    1. Luminaria Bags - video
    2. (Mr.Q's) Mission & Fundraising committees, Bracelets, draw/paint giant feet, survey, trace "Horizon Hawks"
    3. (Ms.Carey's) Jean Day posters, HOPE sign hallway
    4. Upcoming events: Mar.17 Jean Day, Apr.2 Block Party (on your own)
    5. Needed:
    $185 to paint Mr.Q's pickup purpleACS Permission Forms, Parent Letter
    6. PLEASE...Email your friends or post on social media: www.HorizonHawksRelay4Life.com 

    Mon., Mar.7
    1. (Mr.Q's) Cancer research - What is cancer? Handout PPT Cancer Vocab.
        Mission committee
    2. (Ms.Carey's) Silent Reading 

    Mon.-Fri., Feb.29-March 4
    1. "Frozen" research for Relay campsite
    2. Fundraising committee meets Tues.
    3. Mission committee meets Wed.

    Friday, Feb.26
    1. (Mr.Q's) Silent Reading
    2. (Ms.Carey's) Cancer research

    Wed.-Thurs., Feb.24-25
    1. Work Day

    Tues., Feb.23
    1. S.R.: Alvin, Diamond, Robia (Tues.)
    2. Frozen movie, Volunteers for Committees, Commercial ideas
    3. Work day (Wed./Thurs.)
    a) Draw/Paint giant feet 
    b) Bracelets 
    c) Mission Team: research- "What is cancer?" videos 
    d) Commercial: Cookie Sales
    e) Fundraising Team: Brainstorm
    f) Jean Day posters
    g) Committee meetings
    h) Prepare cookies for Fri.

    Mon., Feb.22
    1. (Ms.Carey's) Silent reading (Mon.)
    2. (Mr.Q's) f) Cancer lesson: Prevention/Reading a timeline and Chart (Mon.)

    Fri., Feb.19
    1. (Ms.Carey's) Cancer research - "Teens with cancer"
    2. (Mr.Q's) Silent Reading

    Thurs., Feb.18
    1. (Mr.Q's class) Silent Reading rules

    Wed., Feb.17
    1. Glue Sponsorship Form to envelope
    2. Other Work Day Tasks 

    Tues., Feb.16
    1. Candidate speeches
        a) Mission coordinator - Rey, Robia
        b) Activities coordinator - Nyree, Anya
        c) Fundraising coordinator - Matthew
        d) Treasurer - Alecia, Joevony, Victor, Aaliyah,
                              Shania, Jovanna, Solangy
    2. Leadership Elections 

    Fri., Feb.12
    1. AR Silent Reading Day (Mr.Q)
    2. Cancer research: "Natalia Ramirez: How Relay changed my life"

    Thurs., Feb.11
    1. Committees & Elections
    2. Letter about Water balloon/pie toss day
    3. Sponsorship Form
    4. Work Day Tasks 

    Wed., Feb.10
    1. Go over Parent Letter for Hawk Hour
    2. Check students missing forms:
        * ACS Relay Permission Form
        * Hawk Hour Form

    Tues., Feb.9
    1. Fundraising Ideas for Relay for Life

    Mon., Feb.8 
    1. Cancer research/Leadership skills
    - Teen Cancer in United Kingdom

    Fri., Feb.5
    1. Silent Reading - AR Books

    Thurs., Feb.4
    1. Planning - "Frozen" Cancer commercials

    Wed., Feb.3 (Substitute)
    1. Silent Reading - Scholastic Magazines

    Tues., Feb.2 (Substitute)
    1. Read and answer reflection questions: "Natalia Ramirez: How Relay changed my life"

    Mon., Feb.1
    1. Read and discuss article: "How genetic testing saved my life"

    End of "Paint Your School Purple Month": "Talking to the Moon" Relay for Life Music Video

    Mon.-Thurs., Jan.25-28
    1. Saturday Car Wash 
    AutoZone8575 SW State Road 200 (CANCELED)
    2. Mondays (Ms.Carey)/Fridays (Mr.Q) - AR Reading days
    3. Posters for Car Wash
    4. Bracelets poster (on cardboard)
    5. Cancer Family Tree & Genetic/Genomic Testing

    Tues.-Fri., Jan.19-22
    1. Thurs., 6pm - Relay for Life Kick-Off (parental consent)
    2. Bracelet sales (afterschool)
    3. Commercial for bracelets
    4. Make posters & bracelets
    5. Friday - JEAN DAY!

    Mon.-Fri., Jan.11-15
    1. Make Bracelets 
    2. Sign up on the website
    3. Relay Rally @ Entrance of Marion Oaks (done)
    4. Make more posters: CANCER INFO, American Cancer Society
    5. Put up new banner (done)
    6. HW: Parent permission (ACS) and Brochure (Mr.Q)
    7. Bring in photos of family with cancer 
    8. HW: Cancer Family Tree (with your parents)
    9. Bring in Cookies for sales
    10. Sell: bracelets, visors, tickets for Jean day
    11. Clean up posters ruined by rain and purple columns

    Wed.-Fri., Jan.6-8
    1. Make bracelets (Solangy Team)
    2. Decorate pillars with Purple (done)
    3. Put up banner (done)
    4. Paint/Put up posters and street banner (Trenton Team)
    5. Practice setting up table for afterschool sale 
    6. HW: Parent permission (ACS) and Brochure (Mr.Q)
    7. Bring in photos of family with cancer 
    8. HW: Cancer Family Tree (with your parents)
    9. Create TV spot for Relay sales and
    announce “Paint Your School Purple” Month.
    10. Bring in Cookies for sales
    11. Sell: bracelets, visors, tickets for Jean day

    Tues., Jan.5
    1. Orient new students of Relay for Life

    Nov.30 - Dec.4
    1. Planning for Paint Your School Purple Month (January)
    2. Talk about next semester (additional Relay team)
    3. Work on Bracelets
    4. Fix Bulletin Board and outside sign
    5. Bring in family emails and cancer in the family info
    6. Afterschool Planning Committee


    1. Special presentation


    1. Rehearse Songs/choreography for Talent Show
    2. Fundraiser: cake/cookie/brownie sale (?)
    3. Article: Mackle, founder of Deltona/Marion Oaks Developer
    4. Research Cancer Music videos - send links to Mr.Q and Samantha Hirschkorn

    1. Reading mini-novel "Seedfolks" by Paul Fleischman
    2. Discuss theme and how it relates to Relay for Life and 
        Marion Oaks Community

    1. HW: Bring in emails of family members (for website)
    2. HW: Cancer Family Tree
    3. Teen Cancer Websites
    4. Teen Cancer Stories (United Kingdom)
    5. Write/type/email non-fiction or fictional stories and poems for the HOPE book

    1. Write/type/email non-fiction or fictional stories and poems for the HOPE book
    2. Article: Possible breakthrough in cure for 90% of all cancers
    3. Bring in photo and name of person you are relaying for/in memory of.
    4. Red Ribbon "chains"

    Oct. 1-14
    1. Work on Powerpoints of ACS Services
    a) National Cancer Information Center hotline - Samantha/Solangy
    b) Patient Lodging - Tianna/Jeremi
    c) Road to Recovery - Keshava/Ethan
    d) Reach to Recovery (breast cancer) - Thalia/Tiffany
    e) Look Good, Feel Good and hair/breast products - Breyshawn/Serious
    f) Online communities and support - Arreion/Joevony

    Wed., Sept. 30
    1. NHD: Project form
    2. Relay (all): PowerPoints of ACS services

    Tues., Sept. 29
    1. Decide on Project Topics & categories
    2. Sample Projects 

    Mon., Sept. 28
    1. NHD: 8 Steps of Research - pick project category, & topic
    2. Relay (non-NHD): Email a new cancer treatment

    Thurs.-Fri., Sept. 24-25 (computer lab 4-109)
    1. Research:
        a) new cancer treatments
        b) Topics for National History Day
        c) articles about Marion Oaks
    2. Use links on Hawk Hour section of website
    3. Register with Relay for Life Horizon Hawks 

    Wed., Sept.23 (substitute)
    1. Summarize advantages to new cancer treatment from an article

    Mon.-Tues., Sept.21-22
    1. Hawk Hour Brochure/Parent Consent
    2. Discuss Bake Sale for Open House (Tues.,5pm)
    3. Fill out schedules for Open House

    Thurs.-Fri., Sept.17-18
    1. Consent forms for Relay for Life
    2. Discuss Bake Sale for Open House

    Tues.-Wed., Sept.15-16
    1. Decorate bulletin board and windows
    2. Decide on fundraiser for Open House

    Mon., Sept.14
    1. National History Day theme/topics

    Thurs.-Fri., Sept.10-11

    1. Watch Relay for Life videos
    2. Make a list of fundraising ideas
    3. Choose our Relay "Movie Theme" 

    Mon.-Wed., Sept.7-9
    1. Orientation on the 3 projects of Hawk Hour
    2. Sign up for the projects you will work on
    3. Intro. to Relay for Life Team website