Family Access Quick Start Guide

    1. Once you have obtained your individual Skyward Family Access information sheet from your child's school, go to and click the Family Access icon.
      Skyward Family Access Login

    2. Enter the Username and Password Exactly (case-sensitive) as listed on your account information sheet
      Skyward login screen

    3. You will be required to change your password when you sign into your account. Enter and confirm your new password (must be at least 8 characters long) and then click Submit
      Skyward  Password Reset

    4. Once you have entered a sufficient password you will see the message below.
      Okay Button

    5. On the opening screen, known as the Skyport, click on the Open Family Access button.
      Open Family Access

    6. The first thing you should do is enter your email address and sign up for notifications. Click the My Account link.
      My Account link

    7. Enter the following information:
      1. Enter your Email address here.
      2. Select the type and frequency of the Notifications you would like to receive.
      3. Be sure to Save your changes.
      Family Access screenshot

    8. To add or update Emergency Contacts for your child select the Student Info tab on the left, click the “Request Changes for “ link, and select Emergency Contacts OR Add Emergency Contact.
      Note: You may only add or update the first seven Emergency Contacts for your child from inside Family Access. To add or update any additional Emergency Contacts you must visit your child’s school.
      Student Info

    9. When adding or updating an Emergency Contact fill in the appropriate form and click Save.
      Add Emergency Contact Emergency Contact 2

    10. If you have multiple students attached to your account you will see the Student Select list located near the top of the screen. You may leave this option set to All Students except when viewing the Gradebook. You must click the Student Select drop-down menu and select a specific student.
      Changing Students