• What is a Pathfinder?


    Pathfinders are students that have demonstrated through their behavior and academic performance that they are capable and responsible young people who serve as positive role models for incoming students.  Pathfinders represent the 12 guiding principles which include perseverance, contemplation, adaptability, honesty, compassion, initiative, responsibility, trustworthiness, loyalty, optimism, respect, and courage.


    What do Pathfinders do?


    • Provide and present accurate information about Osceola  and promote a positive attitude regarding the challenges of middle school,
    • Dispel false or distorted notions regarding middle school,
    • Calm fears concerning attending Osceola,
    • Help incoming students feel good about themselves and about attending OMS,
    • Continue to relate to new students in welcoming, helpful ways, and
    • Conduct themselves in positive ways on our campus and in the community, including social media.


    Yearly Pathfinder Tasks

    • Plan Red Ribbon Week activities
    • Present important information and lead 5th grade tours of Osceola Middle
    • Collect weekly recycling from all teachers and staff
    • Decorate and clean up from Winter Ball Fundraiser for the club
    • Voluntarily help with Parent night, similar to 5th grade tours

    *Meetings are held on Thursday afternoons.  Part of the year it will be monthly and part of the year it will be weekly to prepare for events.