• Meeting dates: January through March

    Pathfinder candidates are students recommended by their teachers to help with the student led orientation in the spring. After being chosen as a Pathfinder, attending their training, and preparing a presentation, they will be prepared to speak to the visiting fifth grade students about Osceola and give tours of our campus in March. They also assist with orientation in August.


    The recommendations are based on the following criteria: -All grades of C or better in each subject


    • Good character and conduct (no N’s or U’s, no referrals)
    • Demonstrates responsibility and dependability
    • Relates well to peers and adults
    • Will attend after school training
    • Willingness to speak in front of large groups
    • Desire to contribute their time and skills to help others learn about Osceola


    Students must meet the criteria listed above to be recommended to try out and each student will have to provide a copy of his report card and a short statement telling why he or she wants to be a Pathfinder after receiving a recommendation from a teacher. Interested students will then turn the recommendation, statement, and report card in to Mrs. Smith, the sixth grade guidance counselor. Though it is an honor to be recommended, all of the students who are recommended do not become Pathfinders. From these recommendations a limited number of students will be chosen. Those students are then required to consistently attend training, independently complete a project and presentation with guidance from sponsor, and participate in conducting the orientation activities.
    Pathfinders are recognized in the awards assembly at the end of the year.