Cross Country

  • The OMS cross country team is coached by Mrs. Hanks and Mrs. Pfriender.  Practices are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school until 2:50pm.


    This year, there will be three meets:

    • Saturday, September 21st at Silver River; students need to be there by 8:30am and they are asked to pay a $2.00 donation per car; students should have a flyer for a parking pass; all team members may participate
    • Wednesday, September 25th at Belleview High School; students need to arrive by 6:00pm; no fee required; all team members may participate
    • County Middle School Meet at Belleview High School on Saturday, October 5th; students need to arrive by 9:00am; only the top ten girls and the top ten boys will participate



    Congratulations to our students on their first meet:


    Place #             Time                Name                          School

    1                      14:33               Kaylie Saez                  Osceola Middle

    2                      14:39               Kaylin Bauer                Osceola Middle

    3                      14:54               Emma Curtis               Osceola Middle

    4                      15:03               Ava Curtis                    Osceola Middle

    5                      15:34               Ryan Steffey                Osceola Middle

    6                      16:19               Kallie Wilkerson          Ft. King Middle

    7                      16:22               Armonie Burgess        Ft. King Middle

    8                      16:37               Lauren Addison           Osceola Middle

    9                      17:04               Camden Collins           Osceola Middle

    10                    17:13               Haley Giarrasso           Osceola Middle

    11                    17:49               Keira DiPrimo              Osceola Middle

    12                    18:20               Makayla Arias             Ft. King Middle

    13                    19:40               Jayleen Santiago         Osceola Middle

    14                    19:42               Livia Tripodi                Osceola Middle

    15                    19:51               Addison Roche            Osceola Middle



    Place #             Time                Name                          School

    1                      12:51               Alan Hill                      Ft. King Middle

    2                      13:09               Jon Iosa                       Ft. King Middle

    3                      13:11               Tucker Cornelius         Osceola Middle

    4                      13:12               Aiden Curtis                Osceola Middle

    5                      14:01               Xavier Sahajpal           Osceola Middle

    6                      14:16               Cash Collins                 Osceola Middle

    7                      14:25               Harrison Doerffel        Osceola Middle

    8                      14:30               Elian Godin                  Osceola Middle

    9                      14:37               Miguel Cruz                 Ft. King Middle

    10                    14:38               Bailey Craig                 Osceola Middle

    11                    15:04               Titus Williams             Osceola Middle

    12                    15:06               Andrew Kalil               Ft. King Middle

    13                    15:18               Luis Lopez                    Lake Weir Middle

    14                    15:20               Landon Drawdy           Osceola Middle

    15                    16:17               Carson Bennett           Lake Weir Middle