Medical Skills and Services


                                                         HOSA WPHS               
    This course is for students exploring careers in the allied health fields. The course will cover the history of health care, the health care delivery system, legal and ethical responsibilities, practice safety and security procedures as well as infection control procedures including blood borne pathogens. A large part of all health occupation classes will include exploring the many different occupations in the health care field with extensive research on job outlook, educational programs, length of training, licensure/certification, areas of specialization and salary. Medical terminology is the backbone of the health human service career cluster and will be learned throughout course. Students must be a member of Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) and will be encouraged to participate in HOSA events.


    See Microsoft Teams for daily agenda and assignments. 


    School Text:

                        Applied Educational Systems (AES Education), Health Center 21.  
                        Email and password logins are the same as school assigned
                        email and password.

                        Follow link below to website.


    · Internet Access
    · Daily Planner/Calendar (electronic or paper)
    · Pencil/Pen, Note Cards/Flash Cards
    · 3 ring notebook or binder and dividers
    · Notebook paper
    · Head phones or earbuds


    Grading Policy


    General:    Graded Work
                      On Time:  Full Grade
                      Late Work:  1-7 days-80%    
                                          8-14 days-70%
                                          Over 15 days-50%


    Cut off for submitting late work is 7 days before end of quarter. 


    Course Topics: 
    Infection Control
    History of Health Care
    Organization of Health Care
    Career Clusters related to the allied health field
    Professionalism in the health field
    Communication in the health field
    Stress related to the health field
    Legal aspects for the health consumer
    Death & Dying
    Vital Signs & Consumer Decision Making
    First Aid & CPR
    Medical Terminology (throughout school year)
    Medical Math (throughout school year)


    Websites used for class:

    Health 21:

    Microsoft Teams:  

    Easely Med Terminology:

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