Character Development

  • At Osceola we strive to teach students 12 guiding principles for building character. Our goal is to embed these principles into our lessons and into our culture at Osceola. Our guiding principles are a positive foundation not only for individual behavior but also for building relationships with others.  Our OMS guiding principles contribute to higher level functioning, creating positive relationships and promoting a civil society.

Week Word Definition
1 Adaptability capable of adjusting to different conditions. | SYNONYMS: flexibility, versatility
2 Compassion a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it | SYNONYMS: sympathy, pity
3 Contemplation thoughtful observation or study | SYNONYMS: deliberation, consideration, pondering
4 Courage the quality of mind that enables one to face danger with confidence | SYNONYMS: bravery, stoutheartedness
5 Honesty freedom of deceit or fraud | SYNONYM: integrity
6 Initiative introductory act or step | SYNONYM: leadership
7 Loyalty faithfulness to people, obligations, commitments | SYNONYM: devotion
8 Optimism the belief that good prevails over bad | SYNONYM: hopefulness
9 Perseverance steady course of action in spite of difficulties | SYNONYM: steadfastness
10 Respect to show regard or consideration for | SYNONYM: honor, homage
11 Responsibility the act of being reliable | SYNONYM: reliability or dependability
12 Trustworthiness deserving of trust or confidence | SYNONYM: honest, faithful