What Is the PYP?

  • primary years programme


    Oakcrest Elementary School of International Studies has received IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization) authorization to offer the PYP (Primary Years Program). This well-established and respected program will provide all of our students with the skills and attitudes to be highly successful, productive, responsible, internationally minded citizens who have a wealth of relevant 21st century skills. IB schools employ best practices based upon extensive research and are recognized worldwide as being most effective in meeting the needs of students representing a wide range of backgrounds and abilities. The IB PYP focuses not only on teaching concepts and skills, but also on developing actions and attitudes. Through the Learner Profile, this program develops students who have positive attitudes concerning people, towards their environment and towards learning.


    Kindergarten through 5th grade students at Oakcrest receive weekly instruction in Spanish from a certified teacher. All children will be engaged in purposeful inquiry learning every school day. Learning will be structured around  overarching concepts that make learning more meaningful. Oakcrest students will be challenged to reflect upon their learning/research and are encouraged to take action that results in meaningful community service projects. 


    Visit the IBO website to learn more about the PYP here.