grand piano

KEYZ 2018-2019

  • Parents and Students: It is VERY IMPORTANT that you practice every day for our classes to succeed. For this week, I am challenging all students to practice at least 20 minutes per day until our next class.  


    MONDAY KEYZ: Please practice pgs. 14 & 15 in your Lesson Book. These songs are on the 3 black key groups and hands are on either side of Middle C. Refer to the picture on each page. If you missed class, we have completed pgs. 2-6 in the THEORY books. You will need to complete those at home. Everyone please complete THEORY pg. 7 at home.


    TUESDAY KEYZ: We completed THEORY through page 31. If you have not done those pages, please complete at home. Please practice LB pgs. 40 & 41 for next lesson. 


    WEDNESDAY KEYZ: WE WILL NOT HAVE CLASS ON 10/24. Please continue to practice pg. 33 in your YELLOW Lesson Book. If you have a pedal, put it down and hold it through the entire piece. We have completed THEORY through pg. 31. If you missed class, you will need to complete those at home. BRING BOTH BOOKS PLEASE. We will do several pages in THEORY at our next lesson on 10/31.


    THURSDAY KEYZ: Please continue to practice pg. 29 in your Lesson Book for this week. Practice hands alone and then put together. We completed THEORY through pg. 28. I have asked students to please complete THEORY pgs. 22, 24, and 27 at home if they don't have those already completed.


    FRIDAY KEYZ: If you did not have your Lesson Book this morning, please bring it next week. A couple of students need to play the final piece for me to graduate into the next level.  We have completed THEORY through pg. 45. We will complete our THEORY pages together next week. Please try to be in class with your books.





    Floating notes