Vendor Bid Instructions

  • Marion County School Board, Purchasing Website

    If you are not on our Bid list, please take a moment to go to, “Application Process” on the menu bar, fill out the mandatory information; include your categories and commodities and submit.


    The next step is to advise us by fax (352-671-7504) or email Annette Hagan that you will be bidding on a specific bid, giving us the Bid Number, Bid Name, Your Name and Your Company Name. If the bid is not an electronic document we will mail to you within 24 hours.

    Invitation to Bid/RFP – Instructions: (You have to be registered before you can go to this page.)

    If you want to view or print the Bid, click on the number of the Bid (i.e. 2791).


    A bid with an, alpha or a number, after the bid number represents addendums issued to that bid (i.e. 2852A and 2852_1). A bid with an “R” means that the tabulation has been revised from its initial posting.


    Opening Date is the date that the Bid opened.

    Contract Status – Instructions:

    This page shows the bids that have been opened and tabulated. Please pay attention to the Board Date, if the date has passed this is a contract, if the date has not passed it will not be considered a contract until the Board has Approved.


    If you want to view or print the Tabulation Results after the opening date, click on “TAB”.


    Bulletin is where we will post any memos or correspondence pertaining to a specific bid, either from a vendor or from Marion County School Board. Currently you will have to click on “Bulletin” to determine if we have posted anything against the bid.


    Expiration Date is the date that the specific Bid will expire.

    Bid Calendar

    The bid calendar is by month and is where we post the Pre-Bid and Bid opening dates.