Skyward Family Access Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use Family Access?

    Family Access is a web-based application that is designed to enhance custodial parent/guardian and school communication.  

    What information is available on Family Access?

    An assigned login allows custodial parents/guardians to view the records of all students within a single family, even if they are at different (MCPS) schools. Students and parents/guardians each have their own login information. Parents/Guardians of school students can view:

    • Academic History
    • Activities
    • Assignments and grades
    • Attendance
    • Calendar
    • Class schedules
    • Discipline
    • Fee Management
    • Messages from the district, school and teachers
    • Portfolio – Report Cards
    • Student and emergency contact information
    • Test Scores 

    How do I get Family Access?

    Custodial parents/guardians may go to any school where they have a child enrolled and will receive a letter with login and password information. Students will get their Student Access usernames and passwords at school. If you have further questions regarding your username and password, your student's grades, or other student or school information, please contact your student's school. 

    What do I do if my Family or Emergency information has changed?

    Custodial Parents/Guardians can add/delete emergency contacts within Family Access. You can also update phone numbers of Emergency contacts, as well as pick-up permissions. You may enter up to four Emergency contacts within Family Access. Additional contacts and address changes must be completed at your child’s school. For security, please do not share your login information with anyone. 

    What do I do if one of my children is not listed in my Family Access account?

    Go to the school in which that child is enrolled and speak with the Registrar or the Guidance Department to resolve this issue. 

    What if my email address has changed, or if I need to change my username or password?

    Use the My Account button in the top right corner of any screen within the Family Access program to change your login name, password, or email address.

    Click in the appropriate area in the Account Information window to update your Username, Email, or Password. 

    What if I forgot my login name or password?

    Use the link on the login screen to have that information sent to your email address on record. Please note that during the initial launch of Skyward (October 2015), the district may not have had your current email address on record. Please update your email address once you receive your login credentials. 

    How often are grades updated in Family Access?

    Grades that are displayed in the gradebook are based on information currently entered by each individual teacher. Information is updated in real time. However, teachers have a limited amount of time per day to prepare for classes and grade assignments, so it may take several days for a teacher to grade assignments and enter the grades into their gradebook. Check with your child’s teacher if you have questions about grades. 

    How do I email my child's teacher?

    On the schedule or gradebook screen, click on the teacher’s name to send them an email message. 

    Can other people see my child's personal information on Family Access?

    Family Access is password-protected. Do not share or provide your Skyward Family Access login or password to anyone. Family Access is a secure internet-based website that will allow you to easily keep track of nearly everything your student(s) does while at school. Only custodial Parents/Guardians receive Family Access accounts. 

    When I try to login to Family Access I get an error message stating “Invalid login or password.”

    Make sure that you are entering your assigned password EXACTLY as it is listed on your Skyward Family Access account information sheet you received at your child’s school. The password must be an exact match including uppercase and lowercase letters. 

    I cannot get Family Access to work on my computer; what should I do?

    Family Access is a web-based product, so it should work on your computer like any other web-based application, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari. First, you should check to make sure you have the right Family Access web site address or URL. You can access the Family Access web portal from the district’s home page at or your child’s school home page. Look for the Skyward Family and Student Access Logo ICON on the top right of either page. 

    Note: Students have direct access through the MCPS Desktop Portal at URL: The Skyward Family Access web server will have scheduled maintenance throughout the year. Generally these downtimes will occur on Friday evening starting at 6:00 PM through Saturday at 6:00 PM. The district will post scheduled maintenance and downtimes on the district website. If you get an error message, please try again as needed.

    Please note the School Board of Marion County Technology Division does not support off-site technology connectivity issues with your INTERNET Service Provider (connection), computer hardware, or software applications. 

    How do I register for a Canvas account as an MCPS parent/legal guardian?

    It is not necessary for parents/guardians to register for a Canvas account. Canvas accounts are generated automatically for all parents and legal guardians who have an active Skyward Family Access account with a valid email address associated with that account.  Please see instructions above for activating your Family Access account.