Law Academy






    Training opportunities in this program will appeal to students interested in careers in Law, Law Enforcement, Public Administration, and a broad range of public service, government, and business fields. The Law and Government program specialization is open to qualified Marion County high school students who possess a minimum overall un-weighted GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale and a score of 3 or higher on the 10th grade FCAT.


    One of the most exciting aspects of MTI’s Business Academy’s Law and Government program is the unique partnership between MTI and Marion County’s legal, government, and business community leaders, as evidenced by the advisory board which includes: Judge Robert Hodges, Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham, and MCSO Lieutenant Donnie Winston, as well as attorneys, court reporters, and more! The curriculum includes conducting classes at the Marion County Courthouse (law library and courtroom); allowing students to regularly interface with the judicial system, local attorneys, city and county officials, and law enforcement, affording students advantages for college admission and employment after graduation! Additionally, Law and Government program students will be able to receive college credits for their program coursework at MTI through CFCC; this means your student will be able to graduate high school with college credits! Students will participate in Mock Trials, Moot Court, Skills USA, Student Government Day, FL Law Honor Society, field trips to legal and government offices, and in-field internships. Note: Students must apply and be accepted into this program in order to register for this program’s courses.