How to Submit an Order

  • Website Ordering Warehouse

    Using our web-based catalog, teachers and staff can create an order online and have it emailed to their secretaries or bookkeepers to be processed into skyward as a warehouse requisition. 

    All orders requisitioned to the warehouse will be received at the school in a timely fashion.

    Warehouse Returns

    Anytime you receive an item that you feel is not exactly what you wanted, or you decide you do not need it, you may return it:

    1. Go into Skyward, then inventory, then click returns items received. click add then type in the requisition number in the bottom right.
    2. Make a copy of the original issue ticket and place it on the incorrect item and put return for credit or damaged and re-place. Then set it out for the courier. 

    UPS Returns

    1. Please make sure the package is taped securely.
    2. Fill out ALL spaces on the UPS/Pick-Up Authorization Form. You can order the form from the Warehouse. (Stock item 020-140-0185)
    3. The school or department gets the pink copy.
    4. Attach the rest of the form to the package being shipped out.
    5. Send the package to the Warehouse with the Courier Driver.
    6. After shipping, the Warehouse will send the school or department the yellow copy with the UPS Tracking Number.