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  • Language Arts

    Our writing curriculum consists of Top Score Writing. 



    At Greenway, we use the county-adopted mathematics curriculum, MacMillan/McGraw-Hill with grades K-5. We teach math for sixty to ninety minutes each day where we follow the Marion County Focus Calendar. In addition to the core math program, we supplement our mathematics curriculum with FastMath and Acaletics (grades 3-5). Our teachers utilize manipulatives when teaching math and consistently teach problem solving strategies to our students. Please understand, we are teaching math using visual representation, so children understand the "why" behind math problems. Please contact your child's teacher if homework seems confusing. Most parents struggle with these new techniques, because we learned "rules" or algorithms without understanding the reasoning for following the procedures.



    At Greenway, we use the county-adopted science curriculum, Harcourt with grades K-5. In the classroom, we teach science for thirty minutes each day. At our school we immerse our students in the scientific method and teach them the art of science inquiry. Our fifth grade students also utilize FCAT Explorer to review important science standards that are covered on the Science FCAT Test. Our students work on a variety of hands on, research based inquiry projects throughout the year at Greenway.


    Social Studies

    Why Do Students Need the Visual and Performing Arts Program?

    Evidence that arts education can help improve SAT scores: The College Board's analysis of SAT verbal and math scores (1990-93) showed that arts education increased these scores substantially. In 1993, SAT takers with coursework and/or experience in music performance scored 45 points higher on the verbal portion of the test and 32 points higher on the math portion than students with no coursework or experience in the arts. Scores for those with coursework in music appreciation were 54 points higher on the verbal and 37 points higher on the math portion. The longer the arts study the higher the SAT scores: in 1993, those who studied the arts more than four years scored 53 points higher and 37 points higher on the verbal and math portions, respectively, than students with no coursework or experience in the arts."


    Health Education

    Physical Education