Read 180

  • Read 180 is a 50 minute class that is predominately comprehension based. Our students will be breaking apart the components that build an article, short story, poem and so on. Students will also be explicitly taught to organize their thoughts and construct them into a standards based essay. 

     All homework I assign will be posted on this website so be sure to check it regularly. 

     I also highly encourage reading a book as a family at home. Encourage them to read out loud and find some aspect to praise them on. A little praise goes a long way! 

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  • Our students did not do so well (or did not take so seriously) an exam that was given to them. They have been given their exam back with the questions they got wrong marked. 

    Below I have uploaded the exam and they can bring me their exam with the correct answers. I will award half credit for each point they get right the second time. 

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  • Welcome (back) to LMS for the 2018-2019 school year so excited to meet you and I know we are going to have great year!

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Discussion Boards

  • Justice

    Posted by:

    What does the word JUSTICE mean to you? 


    Write it below in the comments! Remember to include your name (example: Samantha D. ) So I can give you credit. 

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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

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