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    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies

     Within each of these subjects grades are broken down into categories and have weighted percentages.


    core knowledge

     English Language Arts is comprised of:

    Foundational Skills (30%) would be phonics assessments like spelling tests. It also includes reading fluency and accuracy grades as well as sight word checks.

    Comprehension (40%) grades are taken from the reading weekly assessments and district unit assessments. Up until January all weekly and unit reading assessments will be read out loud to students. This will be to assess their listening comprehension. From January to the end of the year students will read the test on their own. At this point we will be assessing reading comprehension. If a student, is unfamiliar with a word they will still have the right to raise their hand and ask for assistance. The teacher will help the child with the word if it is in the question or answer choices but not in the passage. This accommodation will also be available during our end of the year reading assessment.

    Communication (30%) grades are but are not limited to writing prompts, grammar checks, book responses, handwriting activities, speaking and listening exercises.


    Go Math

    Mathematics is comprised of:

    Assessments (50%) are chapter tests from our textbook series Go Math and district created assessments.

    Participation (20%)

     Classwork/Practice (30%) are the problems we work on together in small group and independently at math centers. These are sometimes taken from the workbook pages, math journals or checkpoint quizzes.



    Science is comprised of:

    Assessments (40%) are provided from our textbook or created by the first grade teachers to assess Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS). These assessments can be in the form of a paper and pencil test with multiple choice questions or a performance task grade with a rubric.

    Science Notebooks (30%) are kept in the classroom. These notebooks contain lab write ups, observations, diagrams, data records, vocabulary, labeled drawing, etc. Not all assignments are graded but if one is the students are told beforehand. Each assignment is graded with a rubric.

    Classwork/Participation (30%) is daily assignments, quizzes and lab participation. 


    Social Studies is broken into:

    Performance Based Tasks (55%) are projects or presentations that are graded with a rubric. Assessments are also available through various textbooks and resources.

    Classwork/Participation (45%) are not limited to but can be daily assignments, discussions, projects or quizzes.