• US HISTORY EMERGENCY LESSONS: (Periods 1-5 - Room 4-218)
    *Substitute lesson plans are provided for each day the teacher is absent. If for some reason these are unavailable or for some other reason, they can not be implemented, you may use the below listed alternatives:
    - Emergency Lesson Plan worksheets (already copied)located on the small shelf next to the teacher's desk.


    Absence Day #1 - (Use from August-September)
     - Articles/Worksheets: Exploration and Impact 

    Absence Day #2 - (Use from September-October)
     - Articles/Worksheets: From servitude to slavery 

    Absence Day #3 - (Use from October-November)
     - Articles/Worksheets: Causes of the American Revolution DBQ 
     - Activelylearn.com: The People who lived the Revolution

    Absence Day #4 - (Use from November-December)
     - Articles/Worksheets: Articles of Confederation and the Constitution/Anti-federalists vs Federalists 
     - Activelylearn.com: DBQ-The People Debate Ratifying the Constitution

    Absence Day #5 - (Use from December-January)