The most frequent questions I receive from students and parents alike have to do with reading requirements.This page breaks down exactly what is required of students regarding reading homework, summaries, book reports, and the like. It will remain on the website for the duration of the school year so that students can refer to each during each nine week period.


    1. INDEPENDENT READING GUIDELINES: Students will receive paper copies of these guidelines immediately after finishing our i-Ready assessments during the second week of school. You may access these electronic copies now if you have questions about upcoming requirements. 


    Click Here to View Independent Reading Requirements for Lang. Arts 3

    Click Here to View Independent Reading Requirements for English I Honors


    2. HOW IT WORKS: Reading levels and goals will be determined by i-Ready diagnostic testing at the beginning of the school year. Students will be required to select books from the library (at school or at the public library), and will be encouraged to select those books at an appropriate reading level for their individual abilities. By reading at their optimal learning level, students will inevitably make progress in their reading abilities throughout the course of the school year.


    3. WHAT STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR: The chart below shows due dates for ALL independent reading-related assignments for the duration of the school year. Please remember that these dates may be subject to change due to unforseen circumstances such as testing or weather events. If this occurs, I will always make every possible effort to inform students with as much advanced notice as possible.


    Quarterly Summary Schedule

    Homework/Reading Schedule



    After Students read a book:

    When students have finished reading a book independently, they should go online to complete a IR Form, either for fiction or nonfiction. These forms are on our school's Google Apps feature. Students will need to log in before clicking the links below to access the forms.


    Directions:   -log in to MCPS student portal

                       -click "Office 365"

                       -log in using your entire MCPS email (usually firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net) and normal computer login password

                       -Select "Teams" 

                       -Find your ELA class and look for the "Files" tab inside the "General" channel.

                       -Find the Independent Reading folder.

                       -click one of the following links, depending on the type of book you've read: 

                        Fiction Book Reflection Form or Nonfiction Book Reflection Form




    • Detailed Outline of Book Report Requirements: The following PowerPoint presentation outlines requirements for both the fiction and non-fiction book report formats. Students have reviewed this document in class, but can refer to it at any time while working on reports from home. Book Report Guidelines
    • Sample Book Report: The following is a sample book report written on the short story "A Retrieved Reformation", which students will read in class. They should be able to see each of the literary elements addressed in the report, and this also serves as example of how the report's format should look. Please note that this report was written on a short story and still meets the minimum length requirements. Student should have no problem meeting the length requirements with a novel. Sample Book Report 
    • Required and Suggested Reading:

    -For students taking English I Honors: Each quarter's book report must be based on one of the novels on the required reading list. Over the course of the school year, students should read at least four books from the list. Book report grades will be reduced if the report is written on a book outside the list. Students will receive a list at the beginning of school, and can find an electronic copy here: English I Honors Required Reading List

    -For students taking regular Language Arts 3: Students will be provided with a suggested reading list. Students are not required to read and write reports from this list, but those who do will receive extra credit on their book reports. This list is complied from a variety of sources and mostly contains books at a middle school reading level. Students should pay attention to their personal reading level, as well as the level of any books they select. Students will receive this list at the beginning of school, and find an electronic copy here: Lang. Arts 3 Suggested Reading List