• I get asked many times from parents, "Do you need/want anything for the classroom?". My first response is always...



    1. Glade plug-ins. I LOVE an inviting room with a pleasant aroma to attract others... as well as cover some not so pleasant odors :-)


    2. My second response is black or color ink for my printer. As you know by now, I LOVE color. Anything printed either on colored paper or ink stands out and a little easier to locate (just my opinion). :-) My printer is HP Officejet 5255 (Black & Color cartridge #63).


    3. My third response is quart - sized ziploc baggies. They come in handy for odds and ends in the classroom. 


    4. My fourth response is any gently used (or new) items for a treasure box. Any inexpensive item that you think a 6 or 7 year old would like. 



    If you can help at any time with any of these items, it is GREATLY appreciated!! :-) Thank you!