• June 1st - Last day of school for students.  Pick up students’ belongings at Harbour View Elementary from 7:45 am to 10:15 am in car line for PreK through 4th grade.   I hope to see you there.  You may also purchase a yearbook from 9:00-10:30 am. They are $20.


    Wednesday- Chromebook returns to school- 7:45- 10:45- 


    Faculty, staff, parents, and students can all keep their chromebooks (that are checked out) over the summer if any of them are working on summer PD, summer enrichment courses, etc… You don’t have to do anything or inform us.  If the computer does not come back on the 3rd, we know you still have it checked out.


    · Smarty Ants and IXL will be available for students all summer.  I-Ready will not be available this summer.


    Summer Enrichment for any elementary student comes in the form of online learning this year.  Themed “Adventure Awaits,” students and their families will embark on a new online adventure each week, June 15-July 9, including the exploration of outer space, diving deep into the world’s oceans, telling stories with castles and dragons, and experiencing the great outdoors.  These online opportunities include activities for grades K-2 and 3-5 students with downloadable options for families to utilize at home.  Materials packets will be available at each school while supplies last. For more information, “look for the book” at www.marionschools.net and click it to reach the “Community Reads” website. School libraries will offer virtual services for elementary grades Monday-Thursday with weekly themes supporting the elementary summer enrichment program.

  • Welcome to my e-learning assignments. The second grade teachers at Harbour View have worked together and planned a combination of online learning and paper activities.  Copies are available at school if you need to have printed work.  <<<SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION >>>  Things will change by Wednesday, April 1st!


    Remember, in addition to the pages listed here, your child also has access to their online portal by clicking HERE.  They can access iReady reading and math, the myOn reading library, i-ready math games, IXL, Social Studies weekly, Think Central (Go Math Chapter 9 is ready), iXL and Stem Scopes (science). 


    I have also sent home information about: 

    Smarty Ants (user name: braves password is their student number)

    Epic  class code umh0313

    Prodigy They should know their username and password. Any questions, please let me know.

    Dreamscape They should know their username and password. Any questions, please let me know.

    Mobymax  class code fl1729  email or text me for user names and passwords



    April 1st      Week 1 Planner        Need to print:     Reading     Grammar #1     Grammar #2     Grammar #3

    April 6th      Week 2 Planner        Need to Print:     ELA Activities

    April 13th     Week 3 Planner        Need to Print:     ELA Activities

    April 20th     Week 4 Planner        Need to Print:     Written Tasks

    April 27th     Week 5 Planner        Need to Print:     Written Tasks

    Please make sure you submit work from Weeks 1 through 5 to your teacher.  

    Progress Reports include all work prior to 5/1/2020.  


     ***WRITTEN TASKS:  Print ONLY what you need to complete your work.***

    ***Choose EITHER the paper task or the online task.  You are not required to do both.***

    ***You can also write your answers on paper as long as you label your work!***


    May 4th        Week 6 Planner       Need to Print:     Written Tasks

    May 11th      Week 7 Planner       Need to Print:     Written Tasks

    May 18th      Week 8 Planner       Need to Print:     Written Tasks Please do week 23 not 24 in the social studies weekly

    May 25th      Week 9 Planner       Need to Print:     Written Tasks

    June 1st - Last day of school plan coming soon! 


    Online lessons will continue to open up each Monday according to the schedule on the weekly lesson plan.  This affects lessons in iReady Reading, Think Central Math, Science StemScopes, and Social Studies Weekly.  Please continue working hard each week to complete your assignments on time.  Thank you!