• Over the next weeks, we will be covering astronomy in regards to the planets, stars, and the universe. We will discuss the sizes and compositions of planets and how they move, objects in space, identifying galaxies within our universe, and distinguishing the identifying properties of stars. 


    The main questions that we will be answering through virtual lessons are:

    • What are the objects in the solar system and how do the move in relation to each other?
    • How are the planets different?
    • How do objects in the Solar System move in relation to each other?
    • What effect does the movement of the objects in the Solar System have on one another?
    • How is technology used in space exploration?
    • How has space exploration impacted Florida?
    • What are the properties of stars?
    • How are distances measured in space?
    • How do astronomical bodies compare to one another?
    • What are the relationships between stars as shown in the H-R diagram?


    We will also be using lessons previously taught of the terrestrial and gas planets to further our understanding of the universe that surrounds us.