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    1. Each student in Kindergarten through fifth grade may check out library books.
    2. Accelerated Reader goals are established for every BSE student to reach during each of the 9 week grading quarters. When an AR Goal is reached, the student is entitled to check out additional library books.
    3. Books that are checked out, may be renewed for an additional week if students need to finish reading them.
    4. There are no fines for overdue materials, however, if a student damages, or loses the library book, he or she will need to pay the cost of the book so that we may replace it in our library.
    5. Students may not check-out another library book from our current collection until they have paid for books that have been lost or damaged, however, they canalways check out from our Second Chance book collection.
    6. Reference books may not be checked out by students, however, they are free to use all reference materials while in the media center.




    Library Gifts are always appreciated. If the gift meets library standards, it may be added to the media center collection. If not, it may be used as a reward for reading goals achieved by students.




    TV NEWS STUDIO - Our tv studio televises live announcements every morning at 7:45 a.m. Students are involved in co-hosting, camera operation, sound, and other production duties, with supervision and guidance from the media specialist. Encourage your children to always strive to dotheir best with learning and behavior here at school.Who knows,when they make it to 5th grade, they might be chosen to be on our award-winning BSE AM News Show!




    The goal of our Belleview-Santos School Library Media Center program is to ensure that our students are efficient users of ideas and information, and assist them in reaching achievement goals established by State, County, and School guidelines. We also strive to instill in our students, a love of reading along with the desire to continuously learn and grow with knowledge. This is accomplished by providing intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats; by providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, viewing, and using information and ideas; and by working with other educators to design learning strategies to meet the needs of individual students.



    galeLogo.jpg Gale Databases - Research Resources
    Gale Databases offer an engaging online experience for information on a broad range of topics, such as global issues, opposing viewpoints, science, literature, history, and titles for suggested reading. The Marion County School System, through the Library Media Programs, is pleased to announce this new set of tools to support these 21st century learners as they develop critical thinking and information literacy skills. Gale online databases make discovering information engaging, simple, and fun for the user.

    No password is needed within the Marion County Public School System. From any other computer, use the password student to access these resources.




    The Accelerated Reader (AR) Program provides teachers and children a fun and exciting way to enhance reading skills. The kids love to watch their progress as they reach for their AR Reading goals. Each nine week grading quarter, a new AR goal is established for students to reach. Parents can monitor their child's ARreading progress toward reaching his or her established AR goals by logging on to the AR Home Connect page located on the Parent Portal. Parents can also go to the following website and register in order to get email notifications of when their child takes an AR quiz and what the score was.

    The ARusername is your child's 6 digit student ID. The password is your child's 2 digit birth month and 4 digit birth year. Once you enter those items, you can click the email setup link. It's easy to doand keeps you in the loop with your child's reading progress in AR.It alsogives you something to talk about with your child after they've finished reading their library books!


    Click here to register and keep track of your child's AR progress.

    If you have books at home that your child wants to read and you'd like to know if an AR quiz is available for it, click on this link:

    ar_logo-R.gif AR BookFinder Program

    and type in the title of the book. If an AR quiz is available, it will pop up and show you the AR point value and reading level of the book. Make sure the book's author matches the one AR Book Finder pulls up! Have your child read the book carefully so he, or she understands and remembers what was read. Then remind them to take the AR quiz when they go to school, and you can receive an email on their score. This will offer a discussion topic after they get home from school, as you and your child keep track of the progress towards reaching his, or her AR reading goal every nine weeks.


    Accelerated Reader Resources


    View your child’s A.R. reading progress at any time! Log on to the Portal and stay informed!





    Fall Book Fair

    The Scholastic Book Fairis set up in our BSE Media Center and allows students to shop for some great books. We generally host two book fairs duringthe school year, one in the fall, generally during Open House week, and the other in the Spring, usually during our annualBSE Spring Carnival week.

    The Book Fair is available for students to shop during the school day andalso atthe special events held after school hours during Book Fair weeks.


    Click Here for BSE Book Fair Website




    Every morning at 7:40AM,Mrs. Robinson's morning show crew, consistingof fifth graders, gather in our school library media center to helpbroadcast the BSE Morning News Show. This is an incredible experience for students to get behind the scene training and in front of the camera training on putting a news show together and then broadcasting it throughout our school. Set your standards high and earn your way onto Mrs. Robinson's morning show crew!


    The purpose of our BSE Morning Show is to let the school know about daily and future events, as well as sharing educational tips for better learning.


    If your class is doing something special, let Mrs. Robinson know, and she will try to feature your class on the morning show!


    If you are a fifth grader, you too can be a part of the BSE Morning Show. Every nine weeks the fifth grade teachers assist in choosing a new morning show crew. Do your personal best in school and it just might be you!


    They look for students who have the following qualities:


    • Positive attitude
    • Responsibility
    • Teamwork
    • Good attendance
    • Good grades





    BSE's eBook collection is growing! We have 106 eBooks that you can read anytime by just clicking here BSE eBooks to read


Media Staff

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    Mrs. Robinson, Media Specialist


Media Center Hours


    7:15 - 2:00 ~ Media Center open
    7:40 - 7:45 ~ BSE Morning News Show (broadcasts daily on Channel 2)
    7:45 - 2:00 ~ Class instruction and book checkout
    2:00 - 3:00 ~ Planning/Teacher services

Accelerated Reader Program