Welcome to Escalate English and Read 180

  • If you liked the movie, you will LOVE the book!  


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a thousand words can create a picture! Reading can be interesting and fun if you'll allow it to be! You do not have to be good at something to enjoy the challenge of it!

    That is what I hope to teach this year. 

    Poppin' into a good book!


    We will be poppin' into good books this year! 


    Props needed for the year: 

    (Different classes require different props be sure to check which class our student is in!)

    Escalate English: 

    • Composition Book 
    • One box of tissues 
    • One tub of lysol wipes
    • Pencils
    • Crayons/Markers
    • Personal Headphones


    • 5 subject wired ring notebook 
    • Composition book 
    • One box of tissues 
    • One tub of lysol wipes 
    • Pencils 
    • Crayons/Markers
    • Personal Headphones



    I firmly believe organization/structure leads to success, please help me instill the necessity of organization into our student. 


    On-set expectations: 

    • Respect for all those who enter the classroom
    • Using appropriate manners. 
    • Kindness and compassion toward all peers. 
    • Raising our hand to speak or get out of our seats.
    • Be on time, prepared, and ready for class to start as soon as the bell rings.
    • Please keep hands and feet to yourselves. 


    Consequences: Students will always be given a first chance to correct improper behavior.  If the behavior does not improve after a positive intervention, the following consequences will be implemented: 

    • Verbal Warning
    • Written Assignment/Time-Out
    • Parent Contact
    • Referral to Student Services




  • With testing upon us, we encourage students to have their own set of headphones/earbuds to test with. 

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  • Don't forget to complete your homework online at www.noredink.com 


    Click "login" and your username and password should be (if directions were followed) the same login you use to get on to a school computer. 

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  • Guys! What a great first two days! I am so excited about this school year and all we have to learn! Don't forget to get your supplies this weekend, and I will see you on Monday! 

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  • Welcome to Liberty and my reading class! I am so excited to meet you on Thursday! See you then! 

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