• Here are some Links to help us better stay connected and informed.

    Student Desktop Portal:

    1st is the link to your student's Marion county portal desktop. Here is where you can access all your student's information using Skyward, such as grades, attendance and medical information. You may also use the other tabs to access learning through i-ready, MyOn, Weeklys and more. Your students have been using this platform everyday in the classroom and are very comfortable using it. 



    Math Prodigy:

    Next is a free math learning program that I have used for years called Math Prodigy. It is a fun game that is standards based for the students. The questions are targeted to the skills the students are working on and have helpful tips to teach them. Everything is read to them so they do not need an adult with them to navigate through the program. As the teacher, I can see all the scores and answers the students are making. This information can be used to drive my instruction, used as grades, and used to help meet the individual needs of students. Students can be on a kindergarten level to a 5th grade level.



    Class Dojo:

    The final one is Class Dojo. I think that most of you are already linked in and have been communicating with me through there. It is super easy and can be used on all cellphones. If you need any log-in information please email me and I will get that to you as soon as possible.