• Introduction

    Digital Video Production is the process of producing video content for various forms of distribution.   Our strategy for this class is to maximize our student's time with cameras -- so they can experience all the technical challenges that are associated with video production.


    Syllabus For Digital Video 1

    Syllabus For Digital Video 2

    Syllabus For Digital Video 3 and 4


    Mission Statement

    The purpose of this course is to prepare students for a career involving digital media creation.  There are a variety of career paths that a students can pursue related to our course.  From TV journalism, film production, special effects and computer animation -- our classes will examine each option for their future.  As a vocational class, we will also try to immerse students in the industry through field trips, job shadowing and internships.



    Grades earned in this class are based on completion of projects, meeting the requirements for each, and meeting the due date for each. Points may be taken off for late work based on instructor discretion.


    Final grades will be based on the combination of the following categories:

    60% = Film Projects

    30% = Daily Assignments / Crew Participation  

    10% = Homework 


    Letter Grades

    A = 90-100

    B = 80-89

    C= 70-79

    D = 60-69

    F = 59 and lower                                                                                                                                                                                                     



    This class will adhere to the attendance policy set by the school and will follow all policies within. Excessive absences are a primary cause of failure.


    Make-Up Work

    Following any absence, students will have three class periods to complete any work missed. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work was missed upon returning to school/class. Any work not made up will result in a zero given for that assignment.

    The classroom may be made available before school to make up work or for extra help. This time period must be set up two days prior to the day scheduled.



    Discipline rules will be followed as defined in the student code of conduct.


    Class policies

    Our class charges a nominal lab fee to cover the costs of expendable items (to maintain

    our goal of being among the best digital video programs available).   

    All school rules and consequences apply here (please review the Student Code Of Condust book).

    Be prepared to work constantly.

    Respect all camera equipment and production gear.

    Do NOT touch what does not belong to you.

    Clean up 5 minutes before the end of class.

    Check the floor & desk area.  Do not cross into roped off areas.

    Return all equipment promptly.

    All class work must be done before any extra credit points will be available.

    Sit in your assigned seats at all times.

    Enter and exit the room in a quiet and orderly manner.