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    The definition of the word Vanguard means "a group of

    people leading the way in new developments or ideas."

    Our digital video progam is dedicated to meeting that



    Vanguard TV


    Vanguard High School has a proud history of TV Production

    that dates back to the 1980's.   We were the first school in

    the district to attend the Student Television Network

    Convention (2007), the first school in the district to win an

    Emmy Award (2008), the first school to begin filming content in 4K Ultra High Definition (2015), the first high school in the nation to be an official news channel on Roku streaming devices (2015),  the first school to have official selections and attend the All American High School Film Festival in New York City (2016), and the first school to develop Virtual Reality content (2017).


    New York Behind The Scenes

    Last year, we traveled to Anaheim, California to participate

    in the Student Television Network Convention.  Vanguard

    High School placed 1st in the nation for Broadcast Newswriting at this year's STN Convention!  We finished 2nd

    in the Nation for Multimedia Journalism during the previous year.


    Campus Film Shoot  


    We were also incredibly honored and humbled to win Best

    of Show at both the 2016 and 2017 Marion County Student Media Festival.  Vanguard also is a State Finalist in the PSA Category for the 2017 Jim Harbin Awards / F.A.M.E. Convention. We will continue to work hard and strive to be the very best that we can be.


    Virtual Reality  


    Vanguard View:  Industry Immersion
    Vanguard students film on location, learning to report just like news correspondents in the industry.  Filming in Atlanta, New York, Anaheim and soon Nashville....  Vanguard High School students travel and report on location -- learning the interview process and getting the needed paper releases.   We are an official News channel on Roku streaming devices -- just go to the News Category and watch us shine!


    Vanguard Studios:  Dedicated To Narrative Film

    Lining up our DOE frameworks with what is taught at a typical college film school (as much as possible),  we are the only high school that offers a Digital Video Production course exclusively dedicated to narrative film production.  We have developed a complete production process  -- where students are guided through pre-production, principle photography, post-production and even marketing their film.    So far we have had 4 films that have been developed through this process -- all 4 were official selections at the All American High School Film Festival  (beating out submissions from 25+ other countries).  These films are exhibited at such a large venue, that many of our students graduate with filmographies on the Internet Movie Database.


    Recent Vanguard Studios Projects:

    IMDB: "Countdown" (2015)

    IMDB: "Lamb Curry" (2016)

    IMDB: "Remainder" (2017)