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    The Library/Media Center provides a safe, inviting environment where students and staff can find materials for pleasure and Educational purposes. Our program is flexible and caters to instructing students on skills and in becoming life-long readers and information researchers.




    Thanks to everyone who helped make our Scholastic Book Fair a success! We made some money to use for new materials for our Library/Media Center.


    Don’t forget that One Book One Community is going on in the schools and the Public Library. The schools and the public library work closely with this project. Keep reading with your children-it really pays off!


    Our Center is open from 7:15-3:00 for check-out of materials, research and AR testing. We have a schedule of classes but the Library/Media Center is always open for small groups and individuals. Staff may use the center until 3:00.




    1. Kindergarten-5th grade students may check out one book at a time for one week.

    2. A student may renew a book if the need arises.3. Books must be returned (or paid for if lost) before checking out another one.4. Reference books are not checked out by the students but may be used in the Center.5. The AR number of the student is the same as his/her check-out number and should be memorized. 


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    Gifts are always appreciated. They may be added to the media center collection, given to teachers, or donated to the public library. If given to the media center, the media specialist has say-so as to how the donations are used. 


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    TV Broadcast Studio - Our studio televises live announcements Monday-Friday. Student recognition is featured. We promote our AR program by featuring book talks about AR books. This stimulates boys and girls in checking these books out, reading them and taking AR tests on them.


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    Students must read 12 Sunshine State books and pass the AR tests with a 80% or higher to qualify for the Book Bowl try-outs in February.


    The five-member team will compete with other schools in the county on knowledge relating to the selected fifteen books.


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    Thanks to everyone who helped make our Scholastic Book Fair a success! It is so exciting to see our students making purchases and watch them leave the media center with their head buried in a new book! We want to keep our students reading!


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    Our morning news show will air Monday-Friday at 7:50 a.m.

    The purpose of our show is to let the school know about daily and future happenings and schedules. If your class is doing something special, let Ms. Hansel know, and we will try to feature your class on the show!

    We look for students who have the following qualities:

    • Positive attitude
    • Responsibility
    • Teamwork
    • Good attendance
    • Good grades


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    The Sunshine State Young Readers' Award program presents a selection of fifteen books chosen each year by a committee of Florida librarians. They are chosen for their quality and appeal, and represent some of the best in children's literature today. Students in grades 3 through 5 are encouraged to read at least three of the books, so they can vote for their favorite. Every year, the author of the book with the most statewide votes is presented with the Sunshine State Young Readers' Award.


    If students read 12 or more "Sunshine Books," they are also qualified to try out for the Wyomina Park Book Bowl Team.


    Sunshine State Young Reader's Award Program


    Grades 3-5


    Click here to see 2011-2012 book lists.


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    The FRA Children's Book Award is a program sponsored by the Florida Reading Association and is for students in Pre-K through second grade. Students read or have read to them eight quality books, and then vote on their favorite book. The votes are tallied at the state level, and the author of the winning book receives recognition.


    Students in PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, first grade and second grade have the opportunity to read or listen to recent literature that is considered the best in the state. Students also learn about the importance of voting.


    Click here to see 2011-2012 book nominations.


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    Grades K-2

    Introduction to the Library/Media Center, care of books and materials, procedures, appreciation of good literature, parts of a title page, and proper conduct in a library. We also provide time for silent reading-everyone reads!

    Grades 3-5

    Emphasis on the previous skills, author study, parts of the library, kinds of books, electronic card catalog (Destiny),Internet and Pro Quest, Nettrekker, research skills, parts of a book and how to use them.


    We try to integrate class curriculum whenever it is possible and help students see how very important it is to become life-long readers and users of the Library/Media Center.


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Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader Program

This is a program where children read books on their level and do a computerized test (5-10 questions) on the book. They earn points for passing the test. Children can earn free books of their choice by earning a certain amount of points. We have a Reading Garden where paper flowers are placed when students meet a pre-determined amount of points. Children are recognized for their AR accomplishments-morning show, celebrations-with main reward being emphasized as a “good” feeling of a job well done.

To view a complete list of which books have AR quizzes, go to AR BookFinder Program. If you would like to see which books we have in our school library, go to Destiny, our online card catalog, and click on our school.

Accelerated Reader Resources