National Jr Honor Society

  • Sponsors: Mrs. Ramirez, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Perry, and Mrs. Brown

    All NJHS members should take the time to open and read
    each of the following links:

    - NJHS Schedule 2014-2015
    - NJHS Bylaws
    - NJHS Pledge
    - NJHS Service Project Form

    Special Announcements: Watch this webpage for special announcements.


    March of Dimes Workshop - March 11th, 3:45 - 4:30 in your normal location. It is very important that all members attend in order to register for Team Howard and begin fundraising.

    Scholarship: Florida Grant and Scholarship Programs

    Service: Each member is required to complete at least 12 hours of community service by the end of the school year. Members will have opportunities to earn community service hours through chapter activities. Community Service includes assistance at church, school, and community functions outside of the school day that student volunteers and is not being compensated with money, gifts, or grades. Providing service to family members is not eligible. Please turn in your community service hours to Mrs. Hottenstein, Guidance Clerk.

    March of Dimes: Each year the Howard Middle School National Junior Honor Society participates in raising money to support the March of Dimes and the Walk for Babies. Members are required to attend the annual Walk for Babies event. This year's event will be held in April 2014. All NJHS members will be asked to register with Team Howard on the March of Dimes website prior to the event. Additional details will be announced and posted at a later date. If a member is unable to make the event, a written document needs to be submitted to an advisor prior to the event.

    NJHS Attendance:Each member is required to attend one meeting each month. Please click on the following link to view the meeting schedule:
    - NJHS Schedule 2014-2015
    Members who made commitments prior to joining NJHS should honor those pre-arranged plans; absences should be communicated to Mrs. Ramirez before the meeting.

    Dues: Each member is expected to pay annual dues of $10 on or before Wednesday, December 11, 2013. All members are also given the option of purchasing a NJHS T-shirt for $10. Students are to see Mrs. Ramirez to pay dues and to purchase Club T-shirts.

    Announcements: Meetings and events will be placed on the Howard Middle School website, under Clubs and Organizations-National Junior Honor Society. Meetings and events will also be announced on the Howard Middle School Morning Show.

    Questions, Comments, and/or Concerns Contact:

    Mrs. Ramirez:

    For more information, please click on:
    National Honor Society Website. 

    National Junior Honor Society Officers 
    8th Grade – Trea'jure Dahl

    Vice President
    8th Grade – Thomas Andersen

    8th Grade – Paige Ramsey

    8th Grade – Aryanna Basbano and Eric Richards

    National Junior Honor Society is recognized throughout the United States for the contributions its members make to the community and school. The HMS Chapter focuses on service, while recognizing and building student skills in leadership, character, and citizenship.



    Please click on the following link to view the complete document to record your Community Service Hours:
    Community Service Log Sheet 

    Volunteer opportunities are available on the following link; however, you will have to check with each sponsor for the exact details.
    Volunteer Opportunities