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    The Drill Team commander is appointed by the Battalion Commander, and approved by the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) or the Army Instructor (AI). The Drill Team commander will be permitted to appoint two assistants approved by the SAI and AI. Team members will be issued an aiguillette following their first drill competition. This gear may be worn on uniform days. To be awarded the Drill Team ribbon (N-3-4) and an arch, a cadet must have attended practices and participated in at least one performance during the semester. Exceptions will be approved by the SAI/AI.


    The Wolf Pack Battalion Drill Team has participated in multiple drill competitions over the past few years to including US Army Nationals held in Kentucky and Daytona Beach , Area 2 Drill Competition, Florida State Drill Competition winning 28 State trophies, with nine of those being State Titles in the past eight years.


    Drill Team Commander:

    C/ LTC LUKE Meiers 

    The Drill Team commander has the primary duties of recruiting members and organizing the cadet Drill Team. They also schedule the drill team training program, and coordinate uniform and weapon requirements with the S-4. It is also important for the team commander to schedule drill programs, parades, and competitions for the drill team. These activities must be cootdinated with the S-3 and the cadet battalion training schedule.

    Drill Team