Booster Club




    The parents of WPHS JROTC Cadets volunteer to help support the JROTC program. This group is known as the JROTC Parent Booster Club. The primary function of the Parent Booster Club is to support JROTC activities and events. The booster club helps to raise funds to take care of food and bus expenses that arise from JROTC related field trips. Some of the money raised is also directed toward JROTC, scholarships.


    The Booster Club coordinates fundraisers such as Car Washes and the selling of advertisements. The Parents also volunteer at JROTC and school functions such as school football games, JROTC orientations, field trips, drill meets, JROTC camps and more.


    • President: Deirdre Saunders  
    • Vice President: Kevin Palmer
    • Secretary: Tina Fryer
    • Treasurer: Usha Atwood


    The JROTC Parent Booster Club meets the first Tuesday of every month. We encourage all parents to become involved in our Booster Club and help support our JROTC program.