This Program of Instruction (POI) focuses on the development of better citizens through the instruction of skills in leadership, citizenship, life success, geography, and wellness, in a structured interactive environment. 



    The JROTC program is a cooperative effort on the part of the Army and the host institution to provide secondary school students with opportunities for total development. The flexibility of the program allows it to bear the scrutiny of professional educators and to meet the needs of the community. Satisfactory completion of the program can lead to advanced placement credit in the Senior ROTC program or advanced rank in the Armed Forces. Some of the course has been reviewed and college credit is awarded to cadets upon completion of the specified requirements.

    The JROTC program is one of the Army’s contributions to assisting America’s youth to become better citizens. The program produces successful students and productive adults, while fostering in each school a more constructive and disciplined learning environment. This program makes substantial contributions to many communities and ultimately to the nation’s future. It is the centerpiece of the Department of Defense’s commitment to America’s Promise for Youth through its emphasis on community service and teen anti-drug efforts.
    The course length is normally four years at a traditional high school (grades 9 - 12).


    JROTC Summer Camps are an additional component and supplement the JROTC curriculum for selected upper class cadets. Focus is placed on developing cadets’ character and leadership skills, abilities, and potential; foundations for success; leadership; wellness; geography; and teaching math and science skills.


    Motto: "Excellence in Action"

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