• MCCA Technical Theatre Program Objectives

    Technical Theatre is the name for a broad umbrella of the collective disciplines which support the Performing Arts; quite literally it includes everything that happens backstage, "off stage" and "off camera."  These disciplines include scenic design, costume design, lighting design, make-up design, running crew, stage management, technical direction, and many more.


    With such a broad scope no one course can hope to completely cover all these different disciplines.  The focus of the Technical Theatre classes are the development of the collaborative skills needed to design and work in the theatre and cinema.  These skills include the ability to work with a given deadline, the ability to see the world from a variety of view points, and the ability to express these viewpoints in a written, technical and visual form.


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    Applicants will submit a resume of any theatrical work they have done and a Portfolio. The Portfolio must include at least one of the following:

    1. A drawing, photograph or digital composite of an architectural element or scenic component
    2. A scale drafting of an architectural element or scenic component
    3. A Photograph under stage conditions of scenery, lighting, costumes or properties you assisted in the construction of.


    Additional work: Not more than three (3) additional pieces of original art work, photographs OR drafting that best demonstrates the student's abilities. Works created prior to middle school should not be included.


    Students will be interviewed and their Portfolio reviewed.


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