Creative Photography is program where traditional photographic techniques meet the digital world. Students research photographic history, theory, techniques, and materials. Students explore compositional design principles and elements; along with the fundamentals of portrait, landscape, and studio photography. Creative Photography students import their images into the computer and digitally edit the photograph using the industry standard photography software, Adobe Photoshop.


    Students are encouraged to pursue their own photographic interests while completing a wide variety of photographic assignments that encourage exploration of different genres of photography. Using varied photographic processes and techniques students learn to communicate and express emotions and concepts in their images. Learners will organize their photographs, as an on-going-activity, in a portfolio/binder. Students will participate in critiques to reflect on the images they create.




    Mrs. Worley Mrs. Worley has over 20 years of educational experiences in the Arts. She received a Masters in Art Education from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Murray State University.


    During her tenure in Ocala she has actively served as a board member for Fine Arts for Ocala and the Marion Cultural Alliance. In addition, Mrs. Worley served on the Directors Advisory Committee at The Appleton Museum of Art. She has presented numerous workshop sessions for the MCPS District, the Appleton Museum of Art, the Florida Art Education Association, and the Florida Educational Technology Conference.


    It is with great dedication and determination that we, the visual arts department, seize the enormously crucial undertaking of educating our students in preparation for college. We accept this responsibility confident of success. Not concerned with how much time and effort achieving that success requires, we gladly accept students who want to aspire to greater creativity and thrust them into a new way of looking at and creating art.


    Our department has the ability to offer a student in-depth learning. With a four-year program in Drawing & Painting and a three-year program in Photography, students are able to pursue in-depth studies not provided elsewhere. Additional pursuits in AP Studio Design and Drawing & Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Printmaking, all create a very well-rounded curriculum in which students may study. Add a wonderfully well-equipped facility, sketchbook requirements, and a weekly 3-hour art club, students quickly improve their skills.
    Audition Requirements for Photography


    Students wishing to audition for the photography program need to bring in at least 12 photographs that demonstrate a variety of images. These do not have to be printed out but can be placed on a jump drive and brought to the audition.

    The following four images must be included as a part of the 12 portfolio photographs:

    • An autobiographical photo (demonstrating a creative portrayal of the student's interests) 
    • A unique perspective photo
    • A landscape photo
    • A still-life photo