It is the mission of the MCCA Acting program to develop a student's innate talents. Through exposure to a variety of acting techniques, students will learn character development, movement, voice production, script analysis, improvisation, and pantomime, as well as the practical skills required in theatre, such as resume writing, and the audition process. Acting students are expected to participate in extra-curricular productions as a means of applying the theories and skills taught in class. Students completing the program will be prepared to audition for post-secondary training to further their acting careers, as well as to enjoy theatre as a life-long avocation.


    Mrs. Shelley


     Janet Shelley received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from New York University's School of the Arts. A 2002 Golden Apple finalist, Mrs. Shelley has taught in Marion County since 1988. Mrs. Shelley has served on the Board of Directors of the Ocala Civic Theatre where she has also been a guest director for their Special Presentations and Theatre for Young Audiences programs. Her acting and directing credits include numerous plays and musicals in educational, community, and Off-Broadway theatre. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts Degree in the Humanities at California State University.




    Applicants will perform a two-minute memorized monologue from a published play or a dramatic reading from another literary form. Auditioner(s) will be listening for clarity of speech, volume, expression, and character. Each student will also have an interview with a faculty member.