3d art


    The Ceramics MCCA program covers both sculptural and vessel building. Students in ceramics use drawing and design principles to develop their projects. The techniques taught in the beginning level ceramics are pinch, coil, slab and combination hand building. Students introduced to wheel throwing, but due to space, advanced students have priority. Each semester advanced students select a technique to focus on, building a series of artwork with the selected process. Students are encouraged to develop their skills and push their limits. This is done with building large-scale pottery and sculpture. Design and Surface training is pushed enhancing both drawing and painting skills. Students graduating after completing four years of ceramics will have developed a cohesive, consistent body of work, along with mastering all building techniques.


    The Sculpture MCCA program covers a wide variety of materials and building techniques. Beginning sculpture students use metal, fiber, glass, ceramics, paper, and found objects. Students begin with sketches to develop a sculpture form all angles. Working in three dimensions, each side, along with the top and bottom need to be considered and designed. After a plan has been created, building begins.


    Advanced students are allowed to select one medium, which they focus on. Large, small, and life-size sculpture are created. Realistic and abstract work is also taught. Students will further drawing and painting techniques because sculptures have more than one side to design. Students graduating after completing four years of sculpture will have developed a wide visual background in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.




    It is with great dedication and determination that we, the visual arts department, seize the enormously crucial undertaking of educating our students in preparation for college. We accept this responsibility confident of success. Not concerned with how much time and effort achieving that success requires, we gladly accept students who want to aspire to greater creativity and thrust them into a new way of looking at and creating art.


    Our department has the ability to offer a student in-depth learning. With a four-year program in Drawing & Painting and a three-year program in Photography, students are able to pursue in-depth studies not provided elsewhere. Additional pursuits in AP Studio Design and Drawing & Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Printmaking, all create a very well-rounded curriculum in which students may study. Add a wonderfully well-equipped facility, sketchbook requirements, and a weekly 3-hour art club, students quickly improve their skills.




    In addition to the information on the application, applicants will be judged based on an interview, a review of the applicant’s Portfolio, and the audition performance. Portfolio (maximum of 6 pieces of artwork). Full name, address, phone number, school, and grade should be printed and attached to all work submitted.


    1. Required work will consist of three (3) items of three-dimensional art or photographs of art (drawings of art are acceptable and three (3) pieces of artwork of any type).
    2. An essay will be required to be filled out when sculpture, photographs or drawings are received, along with the MCCA Application.