• The purpose of this course is to enable students to develop fundamental perceptual, observational, and compositional skills necessary to communicate a range of subject matter, symbols, ideas, and concepts using knowledge of two-dimensional art and painting media, processes, and techniques.






    It is with great dedication and determination that we, the visual arts department, seize the enormously crucial undertaking of educating our students in preparation for college. We accept this responsibility confident of success. Not concerned with how much time and effort achieving that success requires, we gladly accept students who want to aspire to greater creativity and thrust them into a new way of looking at and creating art.


    Our department has the ability to offer a student in-depth learning. With a four-year program in Drawing & Painting and a three-year program in Photography, students are able to pursue in-depth studies not provided elsewhere. Additional pursuits in AP Studio Design and Drawing & Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Printmaking, all create a very well-rounded curriculum in which students may study. Add a wonderfully well-equipped facility, sketchbook requirements, and a weekly 3-hour art club, students quickly improve their skills.




    In addition to the information on the application, applicants will be judged based on an interview, a review of the applicant's Portfolio, and the audition performance.


    Portfolio (maximum of 6 pieces of artwork). Full name, address, phone number, school, and grade should be printed on all work submitted.

    1. Required work:
      1. Drawing of shoes
      2. Self-portrait from a mirror
      3. Still-life of three or more objects from observation
    2. Additional Work:
      1. Not more than three (3) additional pieces of original artwork that best demonstrate the student's abilities. These may be two or three-dimensional works. A 5 x 7 or larger print of three-dimensional pieces may be submitted in place of actual work. Works created prior to middle school should not be included.


    Workshop: Student will be given a studio assignment during the audition with materials provided. Upon acceptance, students and parents are required to attend an informational meeting to address summer assignments and requirements.