• Consultation with Schools

    Helping children is a collaborative effort in the schools. School psychologists are frequently asked by school personnel, such as guidance counselors and teachers, to directly consult regarding children with achievement and social-emotional difficulties. School psychologists may consult by reviewing background reports and records, doing focused consultative testing, or by making behavioral observations in the classroom.

    School psychologists may give recommendations to teachers and administrators as to instructional and behavioral strategies.

    Consultation with Parents

    Parents may elect to seek consultative services from Psychological Services by going through the school counselor or school Principal. Consultation with psychologists might address scholastic or behavioral problems at school and/or at home. Some difficulties can best be handled via telephone consultations, while others may require a parent interview.

    The psychologist may make recommendations to the parent and/or school regarding remediation of difficulties or decide that referral to an outside agency or private practitioner might be appropriate.