• Steps for Incoming Students

    Student Services Evaluation Team (SSETeam) provides prompt review of special education records for incoming students transferring from Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Programs outside of Marion County, Florida. The following steps should be taken for arriving out-of-state/out-of-county transfer students who have previously received ESE services.


    1. Call Student Assignment Records at 352-671-7743 for base school assignment which is based on proof of residency.
    2. Register student at his/her base school. Contact the school for registration requirements.
    3. Your base school will contact the SSETeam once your child is completely enrolled.

    Individual Education Plan Needed

    It is essential that the parents or legal guardians bring with them the Individual Education Plan (IEP) to the Marion County school where he/she is registering in order to insure the continuation of their Special Education Services. If this information is not provided, there may be an interruption of services until such time that verification of Special Education programming from the previous district can be confirmed.


    Students whose previous program placement is in question or not verified at the time of enrollment shall be served in a regular class setting or appropriate placement in the base school until SSETeam is able to verify and confirm the previous E.S.E. assignment.