• Overview

    The Behavior Support Team consists of:

    • 3 Behavior Analysts
    • 22 Behavior Specialists assigned to campuses with Specialized ESE programs
    • 8 Behavior Techs (paraprofessional assistants)


    The mission of the Behavior Support Team is to provide research-based intervention strategies to school teams and parents in order to optimize academic and behavioral success for students participating in special education programs.

    Services Provided

    Direct Services to Students

    Members of the Behavior Support Team work directly with students who are demonstrating behaviors that interfere with their academic and social success. 


    Behavior support services can include direct observations and interaction with students as a means to assist school teams with identifying problem behaviors, developing a research based intervention plan based on function, and training of school staff in the implementation of intervention plans. 


    Behavior Support Team members will also complete Formal Functional Behavior Assessments at the request of an Individualized Educational Planning Committee with parent consent. 


    School teams can also request assistance with data collection strategies and analysis for the development of an appropriate Individualized Education Plan for students demonstrating problem behavior.


    Classroom Consultation Services

    Members of the Behavior Support Team are available to assist teachers with overall classroom management strategies based on current research and best practices.  Teachers are able to request classroom consultation via the school guidance department or through the discipline leadership team. 


    Teachers do not have to work in designated special education classrooms to receive this support service.


    Behavior Support Team members will observe the general operations of the classroom, meet with teachers to discuss their concerns, and help develop an action plan.  Team members, upon request, will provide written recommendations, model strategies, and offer follow-up services to all teachers who request assistance. 


    Professional Development

    The Behavior Support Team is very active in providing training opportunities for school staff as well as parents. These trainings range from “mini-training sessions” to comprehensive “institutes and academies”.