• Museum Volunteers

    Volunteers offer vital support to the Center in a variety of ways. Volunteers work as boat mates for our river trips, assist with tours of the museum, Pioneer "Cracker" Settlement tours, and nature walks, and help with numerous other projects. State Park volunteers also open the museum and gift shop to the public during weekends.


    Volunteer meetings are usually held on a Monday of each month during the school year.


    All Volunteers must complete volunteer application forms with the Marion County School System and be approved prior to any participation. Please note that all Volunteers are subjected to background screening and must follow guidelines established by Marion County Public Schools and the Silver River Museum. Volunteers are covered by Worker's Compensation.


    Something is always needed to be tweaked or repaired. There is yard and gardening work that could be done to make the village more authentic. There are opportunities to clean and stage barns and sheds. If you like to build rustic furniture, we can use it. We need help with sewing and mending costumes, quilts, bedding, baby clothes and baby doll repair. Our list goes on and on. We are always more than happy to help you find your place around here.


    We host at least two BIG events each year, Ocali Country Days in November and the Silver River Knap-in in February. Please be on the lookout for opportunities to help out!


    For more information about volunteering for Marion County Public Schools please click here.


    To download a volunteer form click here.