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    Important Information about the Program

    • Four-Week 2024 Schedule - Camp will consist of four one-week sessions this summer (June 3 - June 28). Camp sessions run Monday through Friday. 
      • Session 1 – June 3 - 7
      • Session 2 – June 10 - 14
      • Session 3 – June 17 - 21
      • Session 4 – June 24 - 28
    • Camper Fees - Camper registration is $260 per camper for a one-week session. This is a flat fee with no discount for multiple campers or for early registration. New this year – a camp tee shirt is included in the registration fee. 

    Check-In Procedures

    Check-In for camp is on Monday morning between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. Campers may be driven out in a private vehicle or ride a school board provided bus.  

    Bus service from Marion Technical Institute (the old Forest High School located at 1614 E Fort King Street) in Ocala to and from Camp Kiwanis will be provided on Monday morning and Friday afternoon. 

    The bus begins loading at 7:30 am and departs at 8:00 am on Mondays. The bus returns to MTI at 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon. BE THERE TO PICK UP YOUR CAMPER NO LATER THAN 3:30 

    Families in private vehicles may also transport their campers to and from Camp Kiwanis. Private vehicles should be parked in the camp parking lot and campers walked into the main courtyard.  If help is needed with baggage, a staff member will carry in bags from the parking lot.  Any medications must be left at the infirmary. 

    All campers must be signed-in upon arrival. Please note how the camper will be getting home (family pick-up or bus) and if someone different will be picking up the camper.  

    Upon arrival on Monday morning, family members are welcome to tour camp, meet staff members, and help their camper settle in.

    Check-Out Procedures

    Check-out from camp is on Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. All campers must be signed out when picked-up. Family members picking up a camper must report to the camp office and their camper will be retrieved by a staff member.  Campers will not be released to a non-family member unless instructed to do so by the family prior to Friday pick-up. Special pick-up arrangements should be made well before Friday. 

    Upon departure, families and campers are encouraged to walk past our “lost and found fence.” Unclaimed items from the week will be hanging on the fence.

    Family Contact Information

    It is critical that accurate and legible emergency contact information be provided for each camper.  Please list a complete home address and as many family telephone numbers as possible (including cell and work phones).  Relatives, friends or neighbors are suitable as extra contacts as long as they can contact the camper’s family if necessary.


    What to Bring and What Not to Bring List: Click to view/download/print the PDF document.

    Please send a pillow with your camper. Camp Kiwanis no longer provides pillows for camper.

    Mark Your Gear!

    Please put your camper’s first and last name on everything. Personal belongings must be clearly marked.  We cannot mail lost items to you, so please check the lost and found area on Friday before leaving camp. We are not responsible for items lost or stolen so do not send valuables or expensive clothing.


    Laundry service is not available at Camp Kiwanis except for emergencies (like soiled bed linens).  Please make sure your child has enough clothes to last five-days and understand that campers get dirty.

    Be Sure to Bring:

    • Your own pillow and linens for a twin bed
    • Sleeping bag or favorite blanket
    • Socks & underwear for a week
    • Play clothes for a week
    • Sweatshirt & long pants
    • Pajamas or a robe
    • Swimsuit
    • Tennis shoes and flip-flops/water shoes
    • Towels (at least 2 & a beach towel)
    • Soap, toothpaste, comb, girls’ hair accessories, etc.
    • Sunscreen & insect repellent
    • A hat
    • A nice outfit for the Thursday night dance
    • Bag for dirty laundry
    • Duffle bag
    • A smile and plenty of energy


    • Disposable camera (put your name on it)
    • Raincoat or poncho
    • Stamped envelopes, stationary, pen

    Items Not Allowed

    • Any item not allowed in Marion County Public Schools
    • Gum, candy food, or drinks of any kind
    • Cell phones
    • Personal electronics (iPods, MP3 players, games, radios, etc.)
    • Pocket knives or any sharp objects
    • Toys (a stuffed animal for bedtime is fine)
    • Valuables, jewelry, or money (except for Camp Kiwanis t-shirt money)

     Controlled substances or fireworks are prohibited at Camp Kiwanis. Possession or use of controlled substances, alcohol, tobacco, or fireworks will result in immediate dismissal from camp, without a refund.

    Personal Transportation and Bus Schedules

    Families in private vehicles may transport their campers to and from Camp Kiwanis. Campers providing their own transportation need to arrive at camp on Monday morning between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. and need to be picked up at 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon. Campers may come from any area of Marion County for any session. 

    Bus service from Marion Technical Institute (the old Forest High School) on Fort King Street in Ocala to and from Camp Kiwanis will be provided on Monday morning and Friday afternoon and is limited to a single bus. The bus begins loading at 7:30 am and departs at 8:00 am on Mondays. The bus returns to MTI at 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon.

    Cabin Assignments

    Campers are assigned to cabins by gender and age group. Between eight and ten campers will be assigned to each cabin. Cabin mate requests are limited to one person per camper. While we strive to keep all cabin mates together, we cannot guarantee all requests will be met.

    Campers sleep in bunk beds that have side rails on the upper bunk. Important - be sure to note if your child should be placed in a lower bunk.

    Since cabin assignments are based on age groups, it is difficult to place campers whose ages vary by more that two years in the same cabin. Special requests should be made prior to the week your child attends camp.

    Counselor to Camper Ratio

    Counselors to camper ratios vary depending on the time of day and activity. Ratios typically range from 1:5 to 1:8. This ratio does not include other camp staff such as coordinators, instructors, infirmary staff, or kitchen staff. 

    Campers stay with their team of counselors and cabin-mates all week. They share a cabin, eat at the same table, and participate in daily activities together along with another cabin. Campers have the opportunity to socialize with children in other cabins during meals, free time on the playground, and free swims.


    Meals are provided three times a day and are typical of school food. Juice breaks are taken between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and diner. A bedtime snack of milk and a cookie (or something similar) is provided just before shower and bedtime. Water coolers are also available around the camp during the day to keep campers and staff hydrated. Caffeinated beverages are not served or available to campers. 

    Special needs regarding meals should be made prior to the week your child attends camp. Contact the camp coordinator to make special arrangements pertaining to food.

    Medications and Camper Health

    Click to view/download/print the Medical Information Form. 

    Medications, vitamins, over the counter drugs, etc. must be delivered to the infirmary during check-in.  If your child rides a bus to camp, please place medications in a clearly labeled zip-lock bag.  Counselors will collect all medications and deliver them to the infirmary.  Parents are encouraged to coordinate with the Camp Nurse prior to their child attending camp. 

    Prescription medication must be in a properly labeled container including:

    1. The camper’s name 
    2. The prescription number 
    3. The identification of the medication 
    4. The proper dosage 
    5. The date it was dispensed 
    6. Complete instruction for use 
    7. The doctor’s name

     Campers using inhalers should bring two inhalers with them. 

    Medications not picked up after camp will be held in the infirmary for TWO weeks and then discarded.

    ADHA Medications

    Hyperactive children on medications are not uncommon at camp and usually present no special problem.  Dosage for these types of medication should not be changed, reduced, or suspended prior to, or during your child’s stay at camp.


    Please notify us prior to your child arriving camp if your child has any allergies, especially to insects or food items.  If your child has a prescription for an Epi-Pen, please check the expiration date and deliver it to the infirmary upon check-in.

    Campers with Special Needs

    If you have a child with special needs who can participate fully in Camp Kiwanis activities, please contact the camp coordinator to decide whether our program is a good fit for your camper.  We will make every effort to accommodate special requests while maintaining a safe and rewarding camp environment. 

    While Camp Kiwanis is ADA accessible, the summer camp program is not designed for children with serious physical disabilities, or emotional or neurological disorders.  Special needs camps with appropriately trained staff and specially designed equipment do exist and are a safer more rewarding choice for these campers.

    Mail and Phone Calls

    Mail call is a very popular time at camp. Mail sent to campers should be postmarked by Tuesday afternoon of the week they attend camp to ensure delivery before campers depart on Friday afternoon. While letters and photos are encouraged, food, candy, games, or other personal items are not permitted in camp. Please do not send care packages containing these items. 

    Due to the number of campers we accommodate, campers will not have access to a telephone. The camp staff will contact you in the event there is a problem. Important phone messages for campers will be delivered by one our directors.


    We have found that family visits can cause homesickness and detract from the daily activity schedule. Except for emergencies, family visitation is not allowed while camp is in session. Families are welcome to tour the camp, meet the staff, and help campers settle-in on Monday morning during check-in.


    While at Camp Kiwanis, campers are expected to follow the Marion County Public Schools student code of conduct. 

    Daily activities are a vital part of the Camp Kiwanis experience and campers are encouraged to participate fully. Campers are expected to follow all camp rules such as cooperating with others, cleaning up after themselves, wearing shoes and life jackets when appropriate, and following staff directions. 

    Discipline at Camp Kiwanis depends on the problem and is limited to verbal counseling by an adult staff member, time-outs from activities, or a phone call to the camper’s family. Repeated or serious behavioral problems will result in a camper being sent home without a refund.


    Homesickness is normal for children attending summer camp. Camp staff members are trained to help campers through these feelings (through reassurance, encouragement, and distraction). Most campers adjust to this new feeling quickly. Parents are contacted in severe or prolonged cases of homesickness.


    If your camper periodically experiences bedwetting, please be sure we know about it. Camp staff members deal with bedwetting discretely to minimize embarrassment. All mattresses have plastic covers and we have spare linens on hand. Soiled bed linens will be washed while the campers are off participating in daily activities.

    Camper Safety

    The safety of campers and staff is paramount. Water safety, changes in the weather, and camper health issues are constantly monitored. Campers are never left unattended and travel in cabin groups with the same counselors all week. The buddy system is employed for all water activities and restroom visits. 

    All Camp Kiwanis staff members are trained in first aid and CPR. Waterfront instructors (canoeing and swimming) are also certified life guards. 

    Camp staff will coordinate with the camper’s family on all medical issues. Marion County Fire Rescue (staffed by EMT’s) and sheriff stations are located within five-miles of Camp Kiwanis at Forest Corners on State Road 40. 

    Access to Camp Kiwanis by the public is restricted while camp is session. The camp is staffed 24-hours a day with extra security provided at night.

Last Modified on January 10, 2024