Professional Development Standards

  • Marion County’s Professional Development System is based on the expectations and guidelines outlined by the Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of Education Recruitment, Development and Retention.


    The Professional Development Evaluation System is described on the Teach in Florida website as follows:

    • District professional development activities in Florida are guided by Florida’s Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol. This evaluation model assesses the local planning, learning, implementation, and evaluation of professional development activities according to standards modeled after the National Staff Development Council standards as well as Florida Statutory requirements. The Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol includes standards that serve to identify and recognize best practices as well as to identify local professional development systems in need of improvement.
    • The Florida Department of Education initiated the Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol in the spring 2003 as a means to fulfill the requirements of section 1012.98, Florida Statutes. This legislation sets forth that the purpose of professional development systems is to increase student achievement, enhance classroom instructional strategies that promote rigor and relevance throughout the curriculum, and prepare students for continuing education and the workforce. The Standards were revised and updated in 2010 to reflect recent changes in law and current research and practice.


    These protocol standards provide the baseline which measures Marion County’s Professional Development offerings and makes recommendations for improvements. The protocol is organized into three levels and four strands:



    Strands in each level

    • Educator
    • School
    • District
    • Planning
    • Learning
    • Implementing
    • Evaluating


    The levels provide a comprehensive picture of a district’s professional development system. There are twenty-seven district standards, 20 school standards, and 18 individual educator standards. Within each of the levels, the Protocol Standards are grouped into four areas that must be considered when designing a quality professional development activity.


    The four major areas for quality professional development are:

    • Planning:  What planning occurs to organize and support the professional learning for educators?
    • Learning: What is the quality of the professional learning in which educators participate?
    • Implementing:  How do educators apply the skills and knowledge gained through the professional learning?
    • Evaluating: What evaluation occurs to ensure that the professional learning resulted in educators applying what they learned in the classroom and improvements in student learning occurred as a direct outcome?
Last Modified on February 3, 2016