Next Generation Content Area Reading Professional Development (NGCAR-PD)

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    The NGCAR-PD program is intended to prepare content area teachers to foster literacy in the classroom, while supporting students with text reading efficiency as the reading teacher of record. NGCAR-PD emphasizes reading deeply in content area disciplines about multiple topics. At the same time, teachers receive support in how to integrate comprehension and vocabulary strategies while providing scaffolds necessary for students to successfully extract meaning from text.


    The Guiding Principle of NGCAR-PD

    Teachers will adopt instructional practices designed to move students to high levels of proficiency by utilizing research-based practices that foster comprehension in addition to establishing high cognitive demands. Teachers will demonstrate how to help students navigate complex text, draw evidence from text to support a claim, write in defense of a claim, and engage in analysis across multiple sources.


    SBR 6A-5.090: Content Area Reading Professional Development and Next Generation Content Area Professional Development


    For more information regarding the legislation behind NGCAR-PD and the NGCAR-PD teacher’s role as reading teacher of record visit the following site:


    NGCAR-PD in Marion County:

    NGCAR-PD Academy (60 reading MIP)

      • Teachers will participate in a hybrid course consisting of 56 online hours of professional development, combined with 4 homework hours focused on instruction in re-engaging the adolescent learner, vocabulary, comprehension, writing in response to reading, and content-specific deep reading activities.

     NGCAR-PD Practicum (30 MIP)

      • While completing the Academy coursework teachers will simultaneously participate in the Practicum to demonstrate mastery of skills learned in the Academy. Mastery will be established through 6 classroom visits with the school-based professional development specialist. Feedback forms for each of the six visits, targeted to meet the goals of each module of the Academy course, will be turned in upon completion of the course. Points are achieved through 22 hours of in-seat time, combined with 8 hours of homework.


    More Information about NGCAR-PD

    • To register for MCPS NGCAR-PD access the MCPS professional growth system (TNL), enter the course and section numbers, and enroll in the course.


    Course Name Course Number Section Number
    NGCAR-PD Academy (ESE CREDIT) 74845 78101
    NGCAR-PD Academy Moodle 74858 78121
    NGCAR-PD Practicum 11057 78100



    For more information please contact:

    Casey Busha


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