National Board Certification

  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)


    National Board Certification is a voluntary process developed by teachers and other education stakeholders to recognize experienced teachers for the quality of their practice. National board Certification signifies that a teacher is accomplished, having met challenging professional standards as evidenced by performance-based assessments and submission of a portfolio of accomplished teaching practices.

    Mission Statement

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    The mission of the National Board is to advance student learning and achievement by establishing the definitive standards and systems for certifying accomplished educators, providing programs and advocating policies that support excellence in teaching and leading and engaging National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) and leaders in that process. The National Board seeks to elevate the status, voice and role of accomplished teachers in shaping a true profession. This includes:

    1. Raising public awareness with respect to the cognitively complex, collaborative and expertise-driven nature of teachers' work
    2. Setting higher standards for entry and advancement into the profession
    3. Recognizing accomplished teaching through a rigorous professional certification process comparable to those found in other premier professions, such as medicine, engineering and law.


    The Five Core Propositions

    In 1989, the National Board published What Teachers Should Know and Be Able to Do, a document that articulated the National Board’s Five Core Propositions for Teaching - setting forth the profession's vision for accomplished teaching. The Five Core Propositions state what NBPTS values and believes characterize National Board Certified Teachers NBCTs).


    All National Board Certificates are based on the Five Core Propositions. All NBCTs in all grade levels and subject areas share their commitment and understanding to these Propositions. Therefore, the Five Core Propositions represent what all accomplished teachers share in their expertise and dedication to advance student achievement.

    Proposition 1: Teachers are committed to students and their learning.

    Proposition 2: Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.

    Proposition 3: Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring student learning.

    Proposition 4: Teachers think systematically about their practice and learn from experience.

    Proposition 5: Teachers are members of learning

    Eligibility Requirements:

    Florida’s National Board candidacy process is under the guidelines of the Dale Hickam Excellent Teaching Program legislation.


    To apply for certification, teachers must:

    1. Have at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
    2. Have completed three years of successful teaching
    3. Have a regular professional teacher’s certificate issued by the Florida DOE
    4. Have received an effective (or better) teaching final evaluation from last year
    5. Pay a total fee of $2500 plus a $65 processing fee


Last Modified on February 2, 2016