English for Speakers of Other Languages (E.S.O.L.) Endorsement

  • ESOL Certified vs. ESOL Endorsed

    • To obtain ESOL certification, a teacher must have 120 allowable ESOL points and then pass the ESOL subject area exam.
    • To obtain ESOL endorsement, a teacher must have 300 in-service ESOL points, 60 points from each of the five required ESOL courses.


    Upon completion of the requirements for either certification or endorsement, the teacher must contact MCPS Employment Services Division - Certification at (352) 671-7517 for appropriate application instructions.


    Transfer of College Credit

    It is possible to transfer previous college credit to in-service points for ESOL credit.  The titles of the five required courses are:

    1. ESOL:  Applied Linguistics
    2. ESOL:  Cross-Cultural Communication and Understanding
    3. ESOL:  Curriculum & Materials Development
    4. ESOL:  Methods of Teaching ESOL
    5. ESOL:  Testing and Evaluation


    If a teacher has taken a college course that is comparable to one of the ESOL Endorsement courses, please send your transcripts to:

                  Email: transcripts@marion.k12.fl.us

                  Attention: Certification Specialist in MCPS Employment Services Division - Certification