• Unit 3 - Trigonometry

    When students have completed this lesson they should be able to:

    □    Know the definitions, properties and graphs of secant, cosecant and cotangent, including the associated Pythagorean identities

    □    Know the addition and double angle formulae for sine, cosine and tangent, and be able to use these results for calculations, solving equations and proving identities

    □    Know how to express asinΘ  + bcos Θ in the forms of Rsin(Θ±α) and Rcos(Θ±α)

    □    Be familiar with a number of inequalities and limits involving trigonometric functions, and their geometrical interpretations

    □    Know the derivatives and indefinite integrals of sin x and cos x

    □    Differentiate a variety of trigonometric functions using the chain rule

    □    Integrate a variety of trigonometric functions, using identities where necessary