• Intensive Math:  www.thatquiz.org

    April 12 - May 1st  

    All students should do the Multiplication Review UNLESS you have completed 3 of the older reviews in 4 minutes or less.
    All students can do both 6th and 7th/8th assignments if they'd like, but you only have to do the one assigned by grade.

    Multiplication Review

    #21 SU5AVZEF
    #22 VRLYB25M
    #23 DFPJKHV1
    #24 VULDNXQ7
    #25 QKMNNFY6

    7th/8th Assignments
    +/- Integers E9N2TBUS
    Spring Review CK1F4WPD
    Solving for x P5SCANIJ
    Exponents W5ZBP5WV
    Absolute Value FX67NKNK

    6th Grade Assignments
    Decimal Place Value 4652F43M
    Root and Exponents 8B5MF1GG
    Prime Factors SUXA3W1U
    #6 Arithmetic RPI9TCRD
    Order of Operations GBZXLTY6


    These are assignments you can work on from www.thatquiz.org.  If you need paper versions, please let me know and I will print out packets and have them for you in the office after I can get into school next week.  The due date for these assignments is May 1st.  I will have more listed every two weeks.  

    Multiplication Facts: 

    #15  2S8M9GSP

    #16  YVIDIOB2

    #17  LFFXD1XH 

    #18  KRACYCXZ 

    #19  FOSD69FH

    #20  HAI5V4WB


    Multiplying Fractions and simplifying answer:  JDZ449RW

    Dividing Fractions and simplifying answers:  SP9USUWA           

    Arithmetic #5   DDMRWVY3

    Exponents #4   YKNE5RO6         

    Solving Expressions  8YX7NXJX             

    Averages # 4  ZVNNX2H8