• Wednesday, August 21

    Bell Work: 

    Newsela: Imperial Rivalries, part 3


    Tuesday, August 20

    Bell Work: 

    Newsela: Imperial Rivalries, part 2


    Monday, August 19

    Bell Work: 

    Text Coding Boot Camp

    Newsela: Imperial Rivalries, part 1


    Thursday August 15 and Friday August 16

    Bell Work: Why do people EXPLORE, well... anything? Explain. 

    Vocabulary Unit 1 Flash Cards

    How to setup our notebooks

    Wkbk: 14-25

    Crash Course: Age of Exploration and Notes

    Textbook: P. 36

    Closure: What factors led the Portuguese and the Spanish to begin their voyages of exploration?

    *Syllabus Due


    Wednesday August 14

    Classroom Policies and Procedures


    Tuesday August 13

    Classroom Policies and Procedures

    -Syllabus Assignment


    Monday August 12

    School Policies and Procedures